At 0-11 o'clock on December 2, Heilongjiang Harbin Infectious Diseases Hospital reported 3 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in the country, all of whom were close contacts of the confirmed cases in Manzhouli City in Kazakhstan.

He is currently receiving treatment in isolation at the designated hospital.

According to the results of the circulation, the main activity trajectory involved places are now released as follows:

  On November 26, EU1960 flight (Manzhouli to Harbin), Harbin Taiping International Airport, taxi (black A7Q108), Nangang District Mengke Baili Neighborhood Convenience Store (Mengke Shijie 9, Block A), Harbin Wanda Realm Hotel .

  November 26-28, private customized KTV (59 Songshan Road, Nangang District).

  From November 27th to December 1st, Harbin Huitong Logistics Co., Ltd.

  November 27, Nangang District Crystal Orange Hotel (Convention and Exhibition Center), Zhenyuan Xiangjinmen Baozi Shop (No. 13-7 Qianshan Road), Huikang Dental Clinic (No. 37 Harbin Avenue), Zhang Liang Mala Tang (Xuefu No. 4) Daojie shop), Didi taxi-hailing (black A91JG7), taxi (black ATH719), Wanggang Street Pharmacy.

  On November 28th, Daoli District Xiaoyu Seafood Oyster Scallop King (Xingguangyao Phase I Office Building 3, Shop 106), Jinsha Huashanghui KTV (Lijiang Road 2588), Didi Online Car-hailing (Black AD95K6), for rent The car (black ATY302), the pharmacy outside the Oriental Ruijing community.

  On November 29 and December 1, Cainiao Station (Room 1-101, Building 3, Golden Berlin), Yueren Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Clinic, Pingfang District.

  On November 30, the casserole shop (opposite to the First Hospital of Qunli Medical University, Daoli District), the flagship store on Zhengyi Road, Niubaopu, Nangang District, Harbin Guanghui Cadillac, Daowai District, Agricultural Bank of China (Dongfeng Branch).

  On December 1, Chenbin Fresh Supermarket (Room 2-101, Building 8 of Golden Berlin), gas station on Hawu Road, Pingfang District.

  The Harbin City Headquarters for Response to the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic requires the general public to promptly perform personal protection for those who have had contact with the above-mentioned infected persons or whose activity trajectories overlap or overlap during this period, and immediately call the community or the local epidemic prevention and control department. , Do not go out, and cooperate with staff to carry out flow adjustment, nucleic acid sampling, and corresponding epidemic control and control measures.

At the same time, citizens are invited to pay attention to official authoritative releases to further enhance their awareness of prevention, wear masks when going out, wash hands frequently, maintain social distancing, promote meal sharing, garbage sorting, and online appointments for doctors and other civilized and healthy lifestyle habits.

The general public will not leave Kazakhstan if it is not necessary in the near future, and will not go to medium- and high-risk areas, and take the initiative to report to the community after returning to Kazakhstan from medium- and high-risk areas.

(Headquarters reporter Zhang Yixin)