An Austrian doctor amputates the patient's right leg instead of the left: I discovered the error after two days

An Austrian court has fined surgery after amputating the wrong leg of a patient earlier this year.

And the British Broadcasting Corporation "BBC" indicated that the surgery amputated the patient's right leg instead of the left, and the error was not discovered until two days later.

The court in Linz convicted the 43-year-old doctor of gross negligence and fined her 2,700 euros, and the widow of the patient who died before the case reached the court, received five thousand euros in compensation.

In detail, the patient went to the Fristadt clinic last May to have his leg amputated, but the surgery marked the wrong limb with the aim of amputating it, Agence France-Presse reported.

The error was identified during a routine change of bandage and the patient was told that he would also have to amputate his other leg.

The hospital administration said that the accident occurred "as a result of a series of unfortunate circumstances", and its director made a public apology at a press conference.

The surgeon said in court that there was a defect in the chain of command in the operating room.

When asked why she marked the right leg and not the left, she replied, "I just don't know."

Since the accident, the doctor has moved to another clinic.

Half of the fine was suspended.

Cases like this are rare, but similar incidents have occurred in the past.

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