Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, December 1 (Reporters Liu Mingyang and Su Xiao) The high-profile delegation of mainland Olympic athletes visiting Hong Kong will arrive in Hong Kong on December 3 for a three-day exchange event.

All walks of life in Hong Kong expressed their warm welcome and eager anticipation for this, and believed that this reflects the central government's care and support for Hong Kong, allowing Hong Kong citizens to appreciate the style of the world's top athletes up close, and further inspire Hong Kong people's national pride and self-confidence in development.

  "The delegation's visit to Hong Kong under the epidemic will inject a'pace shot' for Hong Kong, so that Hong Kong people will once again feel the strength of the motherland and the care of the central government." Gong Junlong, chairman of the Hong Kong Guangdong Association of Societies, said that the delegation's visit to Hong Kong related activities Tickets were almost sold out within one hour of the public sale, which shows the popularity of the "Olympic Day Tournament" in Hong Kong.

The hard-working spirit of the national team athletes shares the same background with the Hong Kong people's "Under the Lion Rock" spirit.

  Su Qingdong, chairman of the Hong Kong Jinjiang Association Association, believes that Hong Kong is currently in an important stage of governance and prosperity. The country arranges for mainland Olympic athletes to visit Hong Kong at this time and interact with Hong Kong citizens. This will help strengthen the patriotism of Hong Kong people and contribute to Hong Kong society. Transfer positive energy.

  According to relevant arrangements, the Mainland Olympic athletes will enter the Hong Kong Jinjiang Association of Associations during their visit to Hong Kong.

Su Qingdong said that our members and villagers were very excited and honored to hear the news.

Everyone especially hopes that they can interact with the Olympic athletes up close, listen to their struggles and their feelings of winning, and inspire everyone's strength to unite and fight.

  "Hong Kong is a part of the country. The national team has achieved outstanding results in the Olympics. Hong Kong people are also proud." The chairman of the Hong Kong Huidong Association of Associations Zeng Shengli said that the central government has always attached great importance to Hong Kong. This time, a delegation of Olympic athletes was sent to visit. Hong Kong has shown the central government's all-round support for the development of various undertakings in Hong Kong.

  "Holding such interesting and meaningful activities will help enhance the national identity of Hong Kong primary and secondary school students." Wu Zhihui, vice chairman of the Hong Kong Education Workers Union and young teacher, said that although it is regrettable that he and many students were not able to grab the tickets for the event I am looking forward to seeing the demonstration performances of the national team athletes on TV. I believe the scene will be very shocking by then.

  In an interview with the media, the head of the Hong Kong delegation for the Tokyo Olympics, Bei Junqi, said that he is happy to continue the tradition of national team athletes visiting Hong Kong after the return of the Olympic Games.

He said that the development of sports in Hong Kong is inseparable from the support of the national team. Hong Kong athletes in some events often go to the mainland for training and learning, hoping to strengthen cooperation in more aspects in the future.

  "Every time a national team athlete visits Hong Kong, it is very moving. Sometimes athletes come to Hong Kong before returning home after the Olympics. This shows that the national team attaches great importance to the visit to Hong Kong." Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Association and Olympic Committee of China Timothy Fok said that it is not easy to successfully arrange such an event under the epidemic, and I believe that the response to the visit to Hong Kong will be very enthusiastic.

  "The fact that it is difficult to find a ticket for the event shows that the public welcomes and recognizes the national team athletes. I hope that the event will be promoted from different angles so that citizens who cannot go to the scene have more channels to learn about the gold medal athletes." Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Sports Lin Dahui said that the public can learn about the struggle stories behind the success of the national team athletes through this event, and believe that it will be a great inspiration to Hong Kong youth and bring them positive energy.

  The citizen Mr. Li loves to play table tennis. He was very motivated during the Tokyo Olympics and looked forward to having the opportunity to play a few games with Malone.

"I hope to have the opportunity to play two boards with the'national players'."

  "Everyone hopes to have the opportunity to come and support in person and see the world champion, but it is really hard to find a ticket." Ms. Zhang said that the visit of the national team athletes to Hong Kong is a good thing. I believe this visit to Hong Kong will have Helping Hong Kong citizens, especially young people, have a better understanding of the country.