This morning (the 2nd) was colder than yesterday.

The temperature in Seoul was minus 4.6 degrees Celsius and the wind was bitter, and although the cold continues during the day, the temperature will rise slightly.

The temperature in Seoul is 6 degrees and 10 degrees higher than in the morning, Gangneung-do is 9 degrees, Daejeon is 7 degrees, and Busan is 9 degrees.

It seems that the skies across the country are clear now, but snow continues in the mountainous areas of Jeju Island.

In the future, snow clouds will rise infrequently from the west sea, and there will be places with mild snow in the west.

On the other hand, the east coast region has a very dry weather, so you need to be careful about fire accidents.

It will be below freezing for a day tomorrow, but the temperature will drop significantly over the weekend.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)