China Weather News Today (December 2) Beijing’s sunny weather "controls the field", the western part of the wind is relatively strong, gusts can reach about seven.

The temperature continues to rise, the highest temperature can reach 12 ℃, but the temperature difference between day and night is large, the lowest temperature at night is -1 ℃.

Until this weekend, fine weather in Beijing will be online, the highest temperature will be maintained at about 10 ℃, the lowest temperature is still hovering below 0 ℃.

  Yesterday, with the help of sunlight, the temperature in Beijing entered the warming channel. The highest temperature in the afternoon rose to 9.8°C, which was significantly higher than the 5.8°C on November 30. Coupled with the weakening of the wind, it felt a lot warmer.

  Today, the temperature in Beijing continues to rise, the sunny weather continues, and the wind is relatively strong in the west.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that it will be sunny and cloudy during the day, with northerly winds of about third level (about gust 7 in the western region), with a maximum temperature of 12°C; at night, it will be sunny and cloudy with northerly winds of second and third and a minimum temperature of -1°C.

  Until this weekend, Beijing will be “controlling the field” on sunny days, with the highest temperature maintained at about 10°C, but the temperature will still be low in the morning and evening, and the lowest temperature will still be hovering below 0°C.

  Meteorological experts reminded that it is suitable for outdoor activities and open windows for ventilation in the afternoon, but the northerly wind is stronger in the afternoon, and there are obvious gusts in the western region. The public should pay attention to proper wind protection.

At the same time, the sky is dry and the thing is dry, so pay attention to moisturizing and moisturizing.