A 32-year-old employee was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of fraud for fraudulently remittance of approximately 17 billion yen from an account in the name of an overseas subsidiary of the life insurance company Sony Life.

The person arrested was a 32-year-old employee of Sony Life who lives in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

According to investigators, in May, employees pretended to be approved by their boss, spending more than $ 150 million from an account in the name of a subsidiary in Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean, or about 17 billion yen in Japanese yen. There is a suspicion of fraud, allegedly fraudulently sending money to another overseas account and defrauding it.

The day after the remittance, Sony Life confirmed the balance of the account, and the damage was discovered, and a criminal complaint was filed with the Metropolitan Police Department.

The Bermuda Islands subsidiary had a "reinsurance" business in which the insurance company was the customer and took on the risk of paying insurance claims, but the dissolution was already decided and the employees were in charge of the liquidation procedure.

In the future, the Metropolitan Police Department will collaborate with overseas investigative agencies to clarify the actual situation of where to send huge amounts of funds and how to use them.

Sony Life "Confirming the facts"

Regarding the arrest of the employee, Sony Life told NHK that it was "confirming the facts" and "we deeply apologize for causing great concern to all concerned. ".