Due to the heavy rain in the morning of December 1, the road was flooded near Yoyogi Park in Harajuku, Tokyo, but an unexpected cause was found.

It is the autumn leaves that color the city at this time of year.

The city that manages the road believes that it may have been caused by the accumulation of fallen leaves in the gutters that drain rainwater.

In Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, a heavy rain of 42 mm was observed with a rain gauge installed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for one hour until 7:00 am on the 1st.

The prefectural road adjacent to Yoyogi Park, which is close to JR Harajuku Station, was temporarily flooded to a height that would hide the tires of the car.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan 2nd Construction Office, which manages the road, a police officer who rushed to the site after 7 am reported that the road was flooded.

The person in charge of the corresponding city said, "Isn't it caused by the fallen leaves in a timely manner?", And when police officers cleaned the fallen leaves, the flooding soon disappeared.

In order to manage the safety of the road, the city regularly cleans the road surface, and every year at this time of year, it also cleans the fallen leaves.

The person in charge of the city said, "Although I clean it regularly, the leaves may have fallen due to the strong wind during the night. The cause of the flooding was that the fallen leaves were washed away by heavy rain and accumulated in the gutters. It is possible that it has become. "