Success bells ring in Atresmedia with the audiences of the month of November with the triple crown for the communication group of San Sebastián de los Reyes: leadership of the group with one less channel, leadership of Antena 3 over Telecinco and victory of La Sexta over Cuatro .

In the group dispute, Atresmedia

reaped a 27.9%


last month

compared to Mediaset's 27.6%

, three tenths of difference driven by its jump of eight tenths in the last 30 days.

Behind, in third position is the RTVE group with 14.6%.

As for the networks, Antena 3 regained the leadership that it had lost in October at the expense of Telecinco. The Atresmedia chain added

14.4% in November thanks to a growth of seven tenths

that allows the channel to surpass Telecinco by four tenths. Again in third place, with 9.4% and a rise of three tenths compared to the previous month in an upward trend that has been maintained in recent months.

Once again, the good data from the nightly





El Hormiguero

have been key for Antena 3 to regain the leadership of the audiences.

The contest presented by Roberto Leal

is the most watched program on television (21.4% and 2,649,000 viewers

) with almost half a point more share than in October and

El Hormiguero

remains the leader in its time slot with 15, 6% and 2,459,000 viewers.

In the informative part, the chain has already accumulated 23 months in a row of leadership with the tandem Sandra Golpe at noon and Vicente Vallés at night.

Antena 3 Noticias

reaps an average of 19.5%


and 2,499,000 viewers.

The triple crown for Atresmedia is completed by La Sexta with its victory over Cuatro in the secondary channels of both groups.

La Sexta accumulates a 6.3%


compared to Cuatro's 5.2%.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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