(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) A storm in Qingshan and Alxa League in Inner Mongolia supports Manzhouli

  China News Service, Hohhot, December 1st (Reporter Li Aiping) Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in Manzhouli on November 27, this Chinese border city has subsequently received assistance and support from all walks of life.

  On December 1, news from the Alxa League Committee of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region showed that the League had urgently allocated 2 million yuan in anti-epidemic supplies to Manzhouli.

The picture shows the staff loading supplies.

Photo courtesy of Alxa Media Center

  At 9 o'clock in the morning of the same day, following the instructions of Qin Yan, the deputy leader of the League, two large trucks loaded with various anti-epidemic materials and the affectionate friendship of the people of all ethnic groups in Alashan set off from the League to assist Manzhouli City.

  On October 18, after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in Ejina Banner of the Alxa League, the Brotherhood of Inner Mongolia moved quickly, extended a helping hand, donated money and materials, and made contributions.

Local officials stated that it is their mutual help that the Alxa League epidemic prevention and control work can achieve a phased victory in a short period of time.

  According to reports, the Alxa League assisted Manzhouli with anti-epidemic supplies including protective materials such as medical protective clothing and disposable medical masks, as well as instant noodles, ham sausage, self-heating rice and other urgently needed daily necessities.

The picture shows the Alxa League rushing to aid Manzhouli with anti-epidemic supplies.

Photo courtesy of Alxa Media Center

  Earlier, the reporter learned from the State Grid Mengdong Electric Power Company that after the outbreak of the epidemic in Manzhouli, the company immediately activated the emergency plan for power protection at designated hospitals for epidemic prevention and control, adjusted the maintenance operation plan in time, and strengthened duty on key lines and important equipment. .

  In addition, the company also carried out special inspections and temperature measurements on the power supply lines of designated hospitals such as the Manzhouli People's Hospital, and did a good job of ensuring power supply for important customers such as hospitals to deal with the epidemic.