Group EXO member Kai, who made a comeback with the new song 'Peaches', revealed an anecdote of admiring SM producer Lee Soo-man's eyes.

Kai, who released his second solo album 'Peaches', appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U's 'Noon's Hope Song, Kim Shin-young' on the 1st.

On this day's broadcast, Kai said, "'Peaches' is a song that has been revised and revised over the past two years. It took a lot of trouble before it was released."

Kai said, "Mr. Lee Soo-man saw the music video and said that peach CG must be included. I thought it would be childish, but when I saw the finished music video, I was surprised by the teacher's eyes."

In fact, the majority of fans who saw the music video responded, "The peach CG was kitsch and cute."

Kai also said, "Before the first solo album came out, 'Peaches' was already out. The song was revised 19 times in two years." He said, "When I fell into a dilemma by listening to too much, I went to Director Yoo Young-jin and after a long conversation, I went to the current 'Peach'. ' came out. As soon as I heard it, I banged my knees at Director Yoo's arrangement skills."

Kai's new mini-album 'Peaches', which has been praised for digesting a classic yet sophisticated concept, is gaining popularity as soon as it is released.

'Peaches' topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 58 regions around the world, including Italy, Poland, Hong Kong, and Japan, and also topped the digital album sales chart of QQ Music, China's largest music site.

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