Vaccine, CEO of American pharmaceutical company Moderna, said in an interview with the media that the vaccine currently in use is less effective against the new mutant virus, the Omicron strain, than against traditional mutant viruses. Was shown.

In an interview with the British newspaper Financial Times, Moderna CEO Vansel said, "I don't think the vaccine will be as effective as the Delta strain. I don't think it will be as effective as the Delta strain. I have to wait, but all the scientists I've spoken to say, "This wouldn't be good," he said. He said it would be lower than for the virus.

The reason is that scientists are concerned that there are many changes in the "spike protein", which is the protrusion-like part of the surface of the virus.

He said that data on how the vaccine would work on the Omicron strain "should be available within two weeks" and that it would take several months before it would be possible to produce a vaccine specialized for this on a large scale. He expressed the view that it would take.