• MomenTVs Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal, winners of a final that nobody ever imagined

It is 9 in the morning and Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal are already seated in two armchairs in the suite of the Eurobuilding Hotel in Madrid. "We have spent the night here together," laugh the recent winners of

Masterchef Celebrity


the only ones who in 24 editions of the format - among children, grandparents,


and anonymous - have shared victory.

The new comedy duo that may have been brewing in the kitchen


"The truth is that fucking is funny, look at him there with his


" says the comedian before joining the journalist on the hotel terrace that points to the Bernabéu. There they have a good time enjoying the views of the capital amidst jokes and jokes. Anyone would say it of those who were supposed to be the


of this edition after the jokes that Nadal dedicated to Castaño and his radio team on Real Madrid TV. "

I can swear that in five minutes I already knew that I was going to like him,

" says the host

of Cope's Great Match

before starting the interviews.

Both now share the victory in the sixth edition of the

longest-running culinary


on Spanish television, which

yesterday attracted 2,624,000 viewers (24.4%


) in the final least seen in its history

. Curiously, many already qualify as "the best edition" of the program. But where is the trophy? "At least I don't have it yet," Castaño starts. "They will be taking it away from Tamara Falcó," Nadal completes. The comedy duo is back.

But what did both of you feel when you heard their names in chorus as winners? "If you see the images, I separate myself from Juanma to applaud and at that moment they tell me to the bank too. With that same open arms, I give him a hug," says Miki Nadal. "

I was surprised and as at that moment everything surpasses you, you think they are playing a joke on you

. But in the end it was all serious," says Castaño.

However, the premonition had already come out of the comic a few minutes before the jury's verdict.

"What I mean is that

five minutes before it happened, this bastard told me that either I won or we both won

. And he was right once more as during the entire program," confesses the sports journalist, who values ​​this tie as if it were the promotion of Sporting: "I had generally always lost and this I think was a super fair decision."

"You see our taste, that

for us a draw is a victory

. We are happy with the draw, one would only be great but distributing the prize is not as bad as they say in the Christmas lottery," Nadal completes.

"And that's how we distribute the criticism as well," adds Castaño.

P. If they tell you the first day that you are going to cook pigeon, eel stew, biscuit foam ... and you are going to win.

Do you believe it?


If they tell me the last day first thing in the morning, I don't believe it either.

This like a washing machine, they put you there, you can't go out, you have to do this, you have to do the other and you learn.

In the final the same thing happens, you prepare a menu, you say it is impossible to do this in two hours and you end up doing it.

MN When

I saw the dishes and all the elaborations, I said that for me it was impossible, I could never win this contest, but seeing the rest, the possibility was there.

Not because I was better, but because we all had the same level.

But it was not predictable.

Q. And outside of the kitchen, what else do you take from here?


That you can be happy on TV.

This program has shown us.

Despite the fatigue, because it demands a lot, I was looking forward to Monday to enjoy it, because I had a good time with Juanma and the rest of the traveling companions.

The truth is that I have enjoyed it very much, I have been happy.


I believe that to break with the prejudices that we have of the people.

You enter there, you have an idea of ​​Miki Nadal, Verónica Forqué, Victoria Abril or Bustamante and, suddenly, you realize that they are people with the same problems, your same insecurities and that it is cool to really know people.

Q. And why did the two of you shoot for family tradition in the final round?


Maybe a little because during the program I didn't have any sensitivity to anyone and I say well, at least in the final menu, let them think that I love my family.

It occurred to me to do something about the World Cup that Spain won, about the radio, but the family almost won, it was a tribute to them and my roots.


In the program they guide you and tell you that the final menu must be special, with many techniques but with a story.

So you throw away what you love the most, what is closest to you, your family and your memories.

In the case of Miki Nadal it was the memory of his mother, recently deceased;

in that of Juanma Castaño, his maternal grandparents.

A situation that brought tears to the tears of the two applicants, the jury and even their families, especially Carmen, the comedian's youngest daughter.

"I bet on love [with his partner and co-worker Helena Condis] but

when I saw this cocoon who was wearing such an adorable girl and came down dressed as a boxer, I felt that he was already losing 2-0,

" jokes the announcer.

Q. Wasn't there also the danger that emotions would get out of hand?


No, because emotions come out when they are true.

It is not that you are manufacturing them, they come out at the moment.

And when there is truth on television, the result is that people are delighted.



on Twitter we have had.


If even my friends from Gijón are happy, they just screw me.

And the emotions, we have taken all the effort from within, everything accumulated and we have dedicated these three months of effort to the people we love the most.

P. Juanma, you in the last dish also remembered now for the Christmas season how special lobster was for you at Christmas Eve dinner.


Yes, because sometimes in this world in which we move from events, presentations and trips it seems that they put a piece of lobster on you and that is the


everyday. What I was trying to say is that normally people don't buy a lobster to make at home, they buy it for something special, a celebration or a family reunion, or because there is a Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. So now when I see seafood, I think this is what brought us together around the table. And then products like Miki's dessert are very exciting for me, when he talked about the taste and the memory of his mother. I remember the smell of food in the houses of all my relatives, my aunt, my grandmother, food has to evoke those memories of how our life has been. And in my case, the seafood represented gathering everyone around a table.

And, after the emotion, the comedy returns. "Now everyone says we'll go to your house to do something for us. At least, go to the Corte Inglés and buy me the raw material, right?", Says Castaño when asked if they ask him to cook often. "They do not require me to cook in my family.

What they do require me is to try, I am the official taster of the kitchen,

" Nadal concludes.

There are even celebrities who have already asked them to mediate so that they are the next to enter

Masterchef Celebrity.


It's a program that famous people want to go to, you don't say 'oh, how lazy'.

I have already been asked by celebrities to intercede for them to enter,

" says the comedian.

"Me too, but it is typical and I tell them to say that they are on my side. The only doubt I have is if another sports journalist would enter," adds the journalist.

And there, Miki Nadal introduces the name of Castaño's partner in the Cope, Manolo Lama.

"Yes, Manolo would be the perfect one", both laugh as they share their victory at Masterchef

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