Boxing work was done in Morioka City to donate the finest apples from Iwate Prefecture to the Imperial Family.

In Iwate Prefecture, Chichibumiya-sama was working for a regiment of the former Army in Morioka City in the early Showa period, and since 1945, he has been donating special apples to the imperial family.

On the 30th, 15 producers in the prefecture who received excellent evaluations at fairs brought apples to a hotel in Morioka City and packed them in boxes.

A total of more than 300 varieties such as "San Fuji" and "Haruka" harvested in Morioka City, Oshu City, and Hanamaki City will be presented.

It was difficult to control the color and size of the apples because of the cloudy days, frost, and hail, but the sweetness was strong and plenty of honey as usual. It means that it is finished as an apple with frost.

Akiyuki Konno, chairman of the apple producer group "Firefly Snow Association" dedicated to the imperial family, said, "It was a year when I was worried about whether it would grow well, but I am relieved that the result will be the same as usual." ..

The boxed apples will be delivered to the imperial family on the 1st.