Former firefighter with high paraplegia completes life and death salvation

Zhu Mingjun fell from a two-meter-high parallel bars and became disabled during an exercise. Now he is a psychologist and game anchor

  On the evening of November 23, when Zhu Mingjun was playing a game with his mouth live, his mother Zhou Hengyu helped him soak his feet.

Beijing News reporter Wang Chang

  On November 25, in Weifang, Shandong, the psychological consultation shop opened by Zhu Mingjun was locked.

Beijing News reporter Wang Chang

  Zhu Mingjun's body carries "background music", and within five seconds, the "buzzing"-"dididi, didi" sound will cycle once.

  The source of the sound is the ventilator, and he can live only when the sound is ringing.

  In July 2013, 22-year-old firefighter Zhu Mingjun fell from a two-meter-high parallel bar during a drill and caused a paraplegia in a high position. He had no sensation below his head, and he could only perceive heat and cold.

He lost the ability to breathe and had to rely on a ventilator to ventilate.

  After coming out of the ICU ward, he returned to his hometown in Anqiu, Shandong, where he lay for 8 years.

  By chance, he came into contact with the knowledge of psychology and began to devote himself to it. After more than a year of preparation for the exam, he became a psychologist.

"I want to encourage more people who have experienced despair like me through my own experience."

  In January of this year, Zhu Mingjun began to get the attention of netizens after posting a video on the Internet about his mental journey.

In addition to psychological consultation, he also conducts live broadcast of e-sports games and becomes a live broadcaster of e-sports.

A few days ago, he entered the public eye again because of an e-sports nursing bed specially made for him by a netizen.

Play games with your mouth

  The sound of fighting in the computer game overwhelmed the sound of the ventilator. In the evening, Zhu Mingjun began to broadcast the game.

  The entire gaming nursing bed was illuminated, and the light source came from the square fill light at the head of the bed and the computer screen.

Closer to him is the mobile phone on the mobile phone holder, with the front lens framing his head in it.

In the picture, his round head is wearing black-rimmed glasses with anti-blue light.

His eyes are fixed in one direction, while his mouth is walking on the four yellow pipes in front of him.

  He breathed in for a while, and inhaled for a while. Because of the frequent use of air, Zhu Mingjun's face was light red. Every few seconds, his mouth would move away from the yellow tube and make a deep breathing sound.

  The four tubes in front of me are a set of oral control joystick devices.

Three years ago, Zhu Mingjun saw a physically disabled foreign game anchor on the Internet using such equipment to broadcast games, so he asked someone to buy a set from the United States.

  Zhu Mingjun started a life of operating a computer with his mouth.

In January of this year, he posted a video about his mental journey from a firefighter to a paraplegic, and received a lot of attention. Since then, he has started the game live broadcast every night.

With the help of the video platform, two netizens designed and produced an e-sports nursing bed for him.

In October of this year, Zhu Mingjun used this new bed.

The bed can be raised and lowered, and the mobile phone holder and the mouth control joystick device are placed on a foldable and movable shelf.

  On the screen, when the comment question scrolled to "Have you eaten?" Mother Zhou Hengyu happened to enter the house with a rice bowl.

  "It's time for sweet potatoes." The iron fan who was playing games with Zhu Mingjun even explained for him.

Those who are familiar with him know that Zhu Mingjun likes to eat sweet potatoes. Every night during the live broadcast, he will stop the game and eat a bowl of sweet potatoes in the live broadcast room.

  Chewing sweet potatoes in his mouth, Zhu Mingjun's eyes are still staring at the computer screen. Whenever he sees a tip from a netizen, he will always thank him.

His mouth is never idle, and occasionally he sings a few words to the music on the computer.

  With a computer, Zhu Mingjun began to feel that "time is not enough."

  He said that the game used to be a tool for him to pass the time after he was paraplegic. Now, in the Lianmai game with fans, it has become a way for him to connect with the world, "Someone listens to me." Moreover, it is him. Relying on the rewards of fans, "you can make some money in one night."

  Zhu Mingjun knows that "playing games with your mouth" is a gimmick, and many people look at it with a curious mentality.

But he enjoyed it. He was relieved to see the little man with his mouth control running and jumping across various terrains, waving his weapons and using his skills as if he were omnipotent.


  The live broadcast continued, and the warm yellow fill light illuminated the room warmly.

On the wall, a woman's figure was reflected tall.

  This is Zhou Hengyu. The tub in her hand is exuding heat. At 8:30 in the evening, she is going to soak for Zhu Mingjun's feet.

She took Zhu Mingjun's legs in her hands and put them in the basin, putting the padded quilt layer by layer on top.

  Zhu Mingjun was afraid of the cold, Zhou Hengyu prepared several layers of thin quilt, and controlled Zhu Mingjun's body temperature by adding or reducing the quilt.

  Ten seconds later, Zhu Mingjun, who was broadcasting the game, said, "Mom, it's a bit hot."

  Zhu Mingjun's head and body were split into two worlds.

Only the head is one's own, and the body depends on the mother's care, and only cold and heat can be sensed.

24 hours a day, the mother was in a position where she could hear Zhu Mingjun's shout. She was hungry, thirsty, and about to spit. Zhou Hengyu always responded to all the children's needs.

  On the left side of the gaming nursing bed is a single bed with blue sheets of the same style. This is Zhou Hengyu's bed.

Over the years, the roar of the ventilator has been unable to interfere with her. It is every "mother" of her son that keeps her on alert.

  Prior to this, Zhou Hengyu and her husband ran their own plastic factory together.

Eight years ago, Zhu Mingjun had an accident, Zhou Hengyu took care of the children at home, and her husband took care of the factory.

Before, the family hired a caregiver. Whenever it turned over, the caregiver would call Zhou Hengyu to help.

After the nursing worker resigned last year, Zhou Hengyu decided to take care of the children by himself, which also saved 8,000 yuan a month in nursing fees.

  When his son was soaking his feet, Zhou Hengyu walked out of the room and stood against the wall.

While pressing her back against the wall, she beat the sides of her waist with her hands.

In the past 8 years, in order to prevent Zhu Mingjun from bed sore for a long time, Zhou Hengyu always helped Zhu Mingjun turn over. This is one of the most strenuous things when taking care of his son. "The waist is a bit too much."

  "It's harder than caring for a child." Almost every two hours, Zhou Hengyu would lift Zhu Mingjun's limbs to stretch and massage.

In her eyes, the muscles of his whole body have become soft, and his face has become more and more rounded, "I even feel that he has grown up and taller." Until now, except for the atrophy of his calf, Zhu Mingjun's body is all There were no complications.

  After not standing for a while, Zhu Mingjun's throat cleared came from the room. Before that "Mom!" Zhou Hengyu walked directly to Zhu Mingjun's side.

She took out the green water glass and handed it to Zhu Mingjun's mouth.

Needless to say, this is because he is expecting again.


  At 8 o'clock in the morning on November 25th, sunlight came in from the window behind Zhu Mingjun's bed, and the light filled the entire room. Zhu Mingjun's face was still covered with a towel to sleep.

  In the living room, Zhou Hengyu has been up for an hour and is busy with housework.

When the digital clock at the door of Zhu Mingjun's room jumped to 8:25, Zhou Hengyu walked into the room, and Zhu Mingjun's new day began.

  Zhou Hengyu took out the urine bag from the quilt, and then began to slap Zhu Mingjun's limbs.

Before eating, Zhu Mingjun mumbled to ask his mother to turn on the computer.

At 9 o'clock, he had an appointment with the client for psychological counseling.

After opening the WeChat chat interface, he began to talk with the other party, asking him about his past psychiatric history and past experience, "10 points is very strong, 0 points is not at all, how many points do you have?" He said, he spoke with his mouth. Write out the document and type down each other's answers one by one as a note.

  Every morning, Zhu Mingjun conducts psychological counseling.

In 2018, he passed the National Level 2 Psychological Counselor Certificate and started to operate at home, charging for adults and free for school students.

In Zhu Mingjun's view, this is the most suitable job for him, "High paraplegia, except that the mouth and brain can move, other things can't be moved, so what else can I do."

  And learning psychological counseling was once to redeem himself.

  After falling to the ground, Zhu Mingjun spent several days in the brightly lit ICU ward for several days, fearing the light ever since.

  At that time, he could not speak, only his eyes could move. He tried to bite his tongue to commit suicide, but was quickly discovered by a nurse and protected him.

Unable to bite his tongue, Zhu Mingjun bit his lower lip.

Whenever the nurse passed by, he stared at them imploringly, "I want them to pull out the tube of my ventilator. I think they can understand what I mean, but they ignore it."

  Zhu Mingjun is really hard to accept. He used to be a firefighter who specializes in rescuing people, but now he needs someone else's care.

  After recovering a bit more, Zhu Mingjun began to bite his stylus to play on the tablet computer to pass his time.

With a feeling of "cannot die", Zhu Mingjun vented his emotions in the post bar of the paraplegia.

A person who knows psychological counseling added his friend, and under the guidance of this teacher, Zhu Mingjun gradually walked out.

  Sometimes, Zhou Hengyu's friends came to visit, looked at his round face and ruddy complexion, and said, "This is a good (healthy) person, why are you still lying down."

  Only he and his family knew that there were traces of Zhu Mingjun's pain--until now, there are still white horizontal stripes the size of rice grains under his lips, which proves that he wanted to die but did not succeed.

"I really want to know what it feels like to stand up"

  Zhu Mingjun wanted to drink water, Zhou Hengyu picked up the cup, mixed some cold water and hot water alternately, and then took a sip. After feeling the temperature was right, he handed the straw to Zhu Mingjun's mouth.

  Afterwards, Zhou Hengyu leaned down and took back the straw and cup from Zhu Mingjun's mouth.

  "You must be careful, I am afraid now." This summer, Zhu Mingjun had a fever for many days, no pain, and a breathless drowning sensation came from his body.

After being admitted to the hospital, the doctor asked him if the ventilator got water.

The two remembered that it was their mother who accidentally brought the water into the tube of the ventilator.

The two of them remained silent for a long time during the rest of the nursing time.

  "I'm also thinking about what to do with his future." Compared with other people, Zhou Hengyu is already very attentive. The guests who come and go admire the cleanliness of the room, and Zhu Mingjun's beard and hair have never been messy moments.

But there are still times of negligence. For example, when he cut his toenails a while ago, he cut the meat. For example, in the summer, the child was tortured by the water in the ventilator.

  Many nights, "The sadness hidden in the bottom of my heart will appear, and then I can't sleep." Zhou Hengyu cried silently.

She is always thinking about the future of her child, "What should I do when I am old? What should I do if I leave?"

  Sometimes, she will miss the past.

At that time, Zhu Mingjun had just joined the army, his eldest son entered university, and he and her husband were taking their youngest daughter at home. Regardless of the youngest daughter's grades, Zhou Hengyu had nothing to worry about.

  Eight years later, his son is still unable to take care of himself.

Zhou Hengyu kept looking after his son every step of the way.

"I can accept everything, including the sound of the ventilator..." Today, Zhou Hengyu's biggest concern is still the future of the child.

  Most of the time now, Zhu Mingjun's hearty laughter can always be heard in the room.

Hearing laughter, Zhou Hengyu, who was sitting outside the door, also laughed. She was also happy to watch her son’s game live broadcast. Although she couldn’t understand it, she felt that the voice of a Lianmai iron powder was very pleasant. She massaged her son in the room. Listen to them, "Sadness is hidden under 80% optimism. This is the case for our whole family."

  Sometimes, he also cheered for himself.

For three consecutive days, when Zhu Mingjun was free, he read some inspirational articles on the Internet, such as "What is the most powerful passage you have read?"

  "I really want to know what it feels like to stand up." On November 24, Zhu Mingjun said such a sentence to the computer screen.

  Zhu Mingjun knows that regeneration and repair of spinal cord injury is an unsolved problem in modern medicine, but "stand up" is still Zhu Mingjun's wish.

He talked about technology with visitors, wondering whether he could regain control of his body one day, "I want to go to Beijing to see Tiananmen Square." And his mother also hoped that he would get better, "I don't want too much, I can sit. In a wheelchair, you can move your hands and you don’t need a ventilator to be satisfied."

  With the desire to survive, Zhu Mingjun wants to do one thing most is to leave a little money for his parents.

  Now, a store of Zhu Mingjun has opened in the local area.

In his vision, this store can provide a place for people who are counseling.

So, he made a request, paid his own money, and his brother and sister-in-law would help implement it.

"Money has been invested, but no one has come yet."

  In order to make money back, Zhu Mingjun can only continue to do psychological counseling and game live broadcast.

More and more people are making appointments for psychological consultation, and there are basically two sessions every day.

Rewards for game live broadcasts can also be exchanged for money.

Zhou Hengyu sometimes received his transfer, "Give my sister 1,000 yuan for living expenses, and 1,000 yuan for me to buy some daily necessities."

  In the evening, a quarter of an hour before 10 o'clock, Zhu Mingjun played the live broadcast, "Today is too tired, rest early."

  "Turn off the light and don't want to see the light." Zhu Mingjun said as he made an appointment with the client for psychological consultation on WeChat.

At this time, his mother brought a towel and toothbrush to help him wash.

In the light of the night light in the room, the mother's figure stood still.

  The computer is off, it's time to sleep.

Zhou Hengyu stood on the bed and moved Zhu Mingjun's body. After he lay on his side, she supported his body with one hand, and kept patting his back with the other hand.

This is a racket specially bought to pat the back.

  After everything was processed, Zhou Hengyu covered Zhu Mingjun's eyes with a white towel and walked out of the room.

  The room was pitch black, and only the faint light of the ventilator's display screen remained, and it continued to emit regular rhythmic sounds, "buzzing"-"dididi, didi".

  Beijing News reporter Wang Chang