A candidate already under prosecution?

Eric Zemmour announced on Tuesday in a video posted on social networks his candidacy for the presidential election.

In this video, the far-right polemicist reads his text by mimicking the appeal of General de Gaulle on June 18 in front of a library.

A speech illustrated by numerous archive images taken from television shows, films, series, agencies or social networks.

This clip is thus full of stolen images, according to information from the website

Les Jours


Info @Lesjoursfr: @BFMTV and @LCI no longer broadcast Zemmour's video.

Several extracts were used without the consent of the authors, such as the film Joan of Arc (Gaumont).

Or pictures from reporter @ClementLanot.

The two are considering prosecution.

Amateurism is total

- The Days (@Lesjoursfr) November 30, 2021

“For your information, it is impossible for us to broadcast Eric Zemmour's clip (apart from the extracts where he is alone in front of his microphone), because no authorization has been requested to use the images (eg the film Jeanne d ' Arc de Luc Besson) Staggering amateurism!

LCI journalist Christophe Beaugrand-Gerin said on Twitter.

The news channels, now confronted with the possible problem of copyright posed by Eric Zemmour's video, have decided not to rebroadcast extracts of his declaration of candidacy on their antennas.

LCI withdrew the clip from its antenna because of "serious doubts about the respect of copyright", explains the channel to

20 Minutes


BFM has taken the same precautions.

Legal consequences envisaged

Eric Zemmour's teams have thus notably used images from the film

Joan of Arc

by Luc Besson without the authorization of the Gaumont company.

"The Gaumont company, of which several film images were used by Eric Zemmour in his application video, indicates that it has given no authorization for these uses and reserves the right to initiate proceedings", indicates the BFMTV site.

Journalist Clément Lanot would also reserve the right to file a complaint for the use of his images without any authorization, according to 

Sud Ouest.

The public service (France Télévisions, Radio France, INA), several images of which have been used without authorization, is considering the legal consequences to be given: “It will be necessary that he pay the rights of the images taken, as is the case. for everyone, ”warns an executive from France Télévisions to our colleagues at Puremédias.


Presidential 2022: The first political reactions to the candidacy of Eric Zemmour


Presidential 2022: Eric Zemmour announces his candidacy

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