In order to support children called young carers who are in charge of family care and housework, classes using the handbook newly created by Saitama Prefecture as teaching materials were held at high schools in the prefecture.

Young carers are children who are in charge of nursing care and housework for families with illnesses and disabilities on a daily basis, and the problem is that they are easily overlooked because they do not notice or can not tell others.

For this reason, Saitama Prefecture has created a new handbook and began distributing it to all elementary and junior high schools and high schools in the prefecture from late November.

On the 30th, a class using this handbook as a teaching material was held at Kawagoe Hatsukari High School in Kawagoe City, and about one student in the class had a young carer, and he was lonely and stressed. I learned that there is.

After that, I was divided into groups and shared opinions about what kind of problems I would have if I was a young carer and what I could do if my friends had a young carer, and deepened my understanding.

The student said, "I knew the word young carer, but I didn't know the details, so I'm glad I had the opportunity to take classes. If my friend had a young carer, I would like to be able to consult with him."