“Channel One decided not to renew the contract with the producer of the Pole Miracles project with the VID television company due to the inexpediency of concluding a new agreement on the changed conditions offered to the channel,” TASS reports from the channel’s press service.

It is noted that Channel One has reached an agreement to acquire official rights to the TV show Wheel Of Fortune from CBS.

From January 2022, the show with Leonid Yakubovich will begin aired on Channel One in a new format called Our Field of Miracles.

The capital show "Pole Miracles", inspired by the American TV quiz show Wheel Of Fortune, has been on Russian television since October 1990 and is one of the oldest programs on the air of Channel One.

Yakubovich has been broadcasting since November 1991.

How the participants are chosen, what happens to the treats that are brought to the show, and to whom the TV presenter himself would like to say hello - in an interview with RT with Leonid Yakubovich.