In response to the spread of the new mutant virus "Omicron strain" to each country, the government has suspended new foreigners from entering all countries and regions of the world from the 30th.

Following the temporary relaxation of immigration restrictions from the 8th, the sites in various parts of Japan that have been preparing for acceptance are busy responding.

“The gateway to Japan” International Airport Terminal Quiet

At Haneda Airport Terminal 3, where international flights arrive and depart, foreigners who came to Japan for work were seen until the 29th, but on the 30th, foreigners who have a family in Japan or work in Japan. It is quiet as it goes back and forth.

An American man working in the military said, "It looked like I was wearing a mask at the airport or on the plane. I knew that I wouldn't be able to enter Japan for a while for sightseeing, but a new mutant virus I'm not sure about the situation. I think it's unavoidable for the government to do it for the safety of the people living in Japan. "

A Japanese man who lived in the United States and returned to Japan temporarily said, "There were many Japanese on the plane and few foreigners. There were times when I could not return to the United States due to the influence of Corona, so I was in such a situation. I hope it doesn't happen. "

Also, at Narita Airport, the first flight from Manila arrived at around 11:30 am, but no new foreigners were seen.

At the airport quarantine, we asked Japanese returning to Japan if they had a history of staying in South Africa or the United Kingdom where "Omicron strain" was confirmed.

“Valuable force” Technical intern trainees unable to enter Japan and consulted with a dispatching company

Agricultural machinery parts manufacturer in Inashiki City, Ibaraki Prefecture has been accepting technical intern trainees from Vietnam for about eight years.

In November, some new foreigners entered the country, so the company proceeded with procedures such as visas for technical intern trainees, and 12 new people were scheduled to enter the country in late December. It means that we can no longer see when to do it.

According to the company, the technical intern trainees have become a valuable force in the field, and since the 12 people scheduled to enter the country have already decided on the duties in charge, they are busy securing alternative human resources such as consulting with the dispatch company. I am.

Rikitaka Sato, who is in charge of personnel affairs at STN, a parts manufacturer of agricultural machinery, said, "I understand the government's policy of not bringing in new mutant viruses, so I have to follow it. The time will come when people will be able to come and go. I hope that. "

Long-term care facility with labor shortage "I have to do my best while waiting ..."

At the nursing care facility in Saitama City, the prospect of foreigners with a status of residence of "specific skills" who were scheduled to be accepted in Japan became uncertain in December, and they are busy responding.

The special nursing home for the elderly in Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City is scheduled to accept one Mongolian female with a status of residence of "specific skills" in late December, following the temporary relaxation of immigration restrictions from the 8th. , I was preparing.

At the facility, I secured an airplane ticket, applied for a visa, and prepared a room in the facility to spend during the waiting period after entering Japan, but the prospect of coming to Japan became uncertain.

Since the woman had already retired from her local job when she came to Japan in December, the person in charge of the facility sent a message to the woman on SNS and told her that she could not come to Japan. I was there.

The facility plans to accept a total of four females and technical intern trainees by next spring, and is concerned about the impact of the suspension of foreigners.

Koji Arai, general secretary general of "Special Elderly Care Home Shirasagi," said, "I'm sorry that I've returned to the beginning. It's an industry with a shortage of labor, but I have to do my best while waiting. The life and spirit of the woman who was planning to come to Japan. I also want to think about face support. "

International students "get motivated" At universities around the world ...

At Yokohama City University, eight international students from China and South Korea who have enrolled in undergraduate or graduate schools are still taking classes online without being able to enter Japan.

Following the conditional admission of new international students on the 8th, the university just held an online orientation for eight students last week, explaining the schedule for acceptance from next year onwards.

The university is confused because there is no prospect of accepting international students in the future.

In addition, 22 students have been studying abroad at overseas universities that have exchange study abroad agreements since August, but we are still unacceptable for international students, so we are concerned about the impact on the agreement.

Akiko Moriya, Chief of the Global Promotion Office, Yokohama City University, said, "I'm sorry for the suspension of entry to Yasaki, who thought I could resume acceptance, but there is no choice but to take measures at the border. I also want to try to maintain it. "

Toyo University was also applying for about 80 international students who had been unable to enter Japan in response to the resumption of acceptance of international students.

Since new foreigners have been suspended from entering the country in principle, the university will connect online with foreign students from Russia and Indonesia who are planning to enter the country from January to March next year, and the future policy will be as soon as possible. I promised to continue the support again as I contacted him.

On the other hand, an international student said, "I feel very disadvantaged in some countries where we are resuming acceptance. I also take PCR tests every day and give out all the documents I want, so let me study in Japan. Our life. It depends on the Japanese government, "or" I booked three flights and canceled all three. I lose my motivation. "

Domestic and international sports competitions

At a regular press conference held in Tokyo on the 30th, JOC Chairman Yamashita said, "The tournament will be held in Japan for future international competitions such as the Grand Prix of Figure Skating, which will open in Osaka Prefecture on December 9th. I don't have any information about what will happen to it or how the players will respond at this stage. "

Furthermore, regarding the impact on the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics in February next year, he said, "We will collaborate while sharing information with athletes and competition groups," and hurriedly gathered information, and then shared the information obtained as the JOC. However, he showed the corresponding idea.