The virtual website of the pseudo-religious group Saejinrihoe that appears in the Netflix drama 'Hell' is a hot topic.

It is known that the website was opened the day before the release of 'Hell'.

Recently, the website of Saejinrihoe, a pseudo-religious group based on the drama 'Hell', has gathered a lot of attention in the online community.

In the actual drama, there was a scene where Bae Young-jae (Park Jung-min)'s wife Song So-hyeon (Won Jin-ah) accesses the Saejinrihoe website.

The Saejinrihoe website, which was opened prior to the release of 'Hell', featured the words "I hope God is just" and a picture of a lion from 'Hell'.

There was also a space to introduce Saejinrihoe chairpersons.

The first chairman, Jin-soo Jeong (played by Yoo Ah-in), was described as “the head of the new religious Saejinrihoe who explains that the messengers of hell are a revelation from God.” There was also an explanation.

In particular, the 'demonstration space' bulletin board drew netizens' attention.

The bulletin board, where only a short notice was posted, "Please tell me your sins," was filled with comments from viewers who watched 'Hell' and from netizens who seriously confessed their sins.

In the demonstration space, netizens confessed their various sins, such as liking Bae Young-jae too much, the character played by actor Park Jung-min, a small confession that he couldn't stand his hunger at dawn and ate a late-night meal, and a confession that he wanted to marry the first chairman. I did.

'Hell' tells the story of a supernatural phenomenon in which people are sentenced to hell by the messengers of hell who appeared without notice, and the religious organization Saejinrihoe, which was revived from the chaos, and those trying to uncover the truth of the incident intertwined.

'Hell', which captivated people all over the world right after its release, ranked first in the Netflix Top 10 TV category, and foreign media praised it, such as "A truly shocking drama. A work that will be talked about in 10 years."

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