China News Service, Ningbo, November 29 (Fang Kun, Dai Xuguang) "Your kindness, I will always keep in my heart." "You must learn from your uncles and aunts, and be a useful person when you grow up, and you can give back to the society." For a few days, in the town of "Can You Home" in Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, the warmth of the winter sun was permeated. Everyone was moved by three thank-you letters from Hunan. ) Circulated and reproduced, this sincere feedback has inspired the disabled friends in the "Can You Home".

Disabled friends working at the "House of Disabled Friends" Photo courtesy of Dai Xuguang

52 persons with disabilities agreed to do their best to donate poor students

  The story starts from the "Home for Disabled Friends" in Xiepu Town. The "Home for Disabled Friends" was opened in 2018. It is the first comprehensive service platform for the disabled in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It is a charity organization that integrates nursing and rehabilitation for the disabled. At present, the "Home for Disabled Friends" has more than 50 workers with disabilities, and it has undertaken simple manual work outsourced by welfare enterprises. The disabled can come here every day to work and live, and obtain monthly basic living security through labor.

  “The government builds a home for disabled friends to help disabled people achieve employment, so that they can have an income, which has important social value, and it not only achieves themselves, but also liberates the family.” Wang Jing, the person in charge of the home for disabled friends, told reporters that these years, The disabled friends are deeply loved by the society and the majority of caring people, and have always wanted to do what they can to spread their love.

I heard that the police from the Xiepu Police Station of the Zhenhai Branch of the Ningbo Public Security Bureau have been helping the needy students in Luoping Township, Shimen County, Changde City, Hunan Province. The disabled friends also hope to participate together.

  After contacting, five needy students in Luoping Township urgently needed Chinese food and other living allowances. The person in charge of the "Home for Disabled Friends" exchanged this situation with everyone, but he was concerned about the financial situation of disabled families and expressed his ability to do what he could.

Unexpectedly, the members all expressed their willingness to lend a helping hand, and the 52 disabled friends agreed that each person would donate 200 yuan from their wages each year to complete the children's 200 yuan Chinese meal subsidy per month.

  In January 2020, the first paired payment of poor students in the name of "Home of Disabled Friends" in Xiepu Town was remitted. Up to now, nearly 20,000 yuan has been donated in the past two years.

At that time, in the hearts of teachers and volunteers in Luoping Township, the donors were vague "Zhenhai Lovers".

"House of Disabled Friends" in Xipu Town, courtesy of Dai Xuguang

Thousands of miles to send a pennant: mortal kind deeds touched teachers and students

  "I came with the entrustment of students and parents. In order to express my gratitude, I must personally deliver this pennant to the caring people." In April 2020, Luoping Township Central School Young First Brigade Counselor, student aid The leader of the volunteer service team, Ren Jianguo, drove a thousand kilometers to Zhenhai, Ningbo, and presented the bright red banner of "Love Without Borders".

  Ren Jianguo was greatly shocked by this trip to send the pennants. He didn't know the story behind the scholarship before, and thought it was a donation from the company's employees.

"The disabled are disadvantaged groups and need help from all walks of life, but these disabled friends donate money to help poor students. Their love goes beyond blood, kinship, and geography. They spread positive social energy with mortal charity, little kindness and great love. It's so unexpected and so touched." Ren Jianguo said.

  Having been in voluntary service for more than 9 years, Ren Jianguo met a friend with a disability to show his love for the first time. After being moved, Ren Jianguo showed the work video of the disabled in the "Home for the Disabled" that he shot for students and parents.

Many students and parents didn't expect, they didn't expect such a group of people to help them thousands of miles away.

Everyone is very moved and grateful for this hard-won love.

Three thank-you letters spanning 1,400 kilometers. Photo courtesy of Dai Xuguang

Three thank-you letters spanning 1,400 kilometers: Surging and helping each other

  "Uncles and aunts of the "Home for Disabled Friends" in Zhenhai, Zhejiang, I am Chen Siyan, a junior student in Luoping Township Central School. study hard!"

  "We believe that with the help of the broad masses of caring people in the society and the unremitting efforts of our family, life will definitely get better and better. At the same time, I will also learn from you and grow up to be a caring person to help others. And now I also participate in voluntary activities and do what I can."

  A few days ago, "Can You Home" received three letters from students from Luoping Township Central School. These three thank you letters spanning 1,400 kilometers, so that the eyes of the disabled friends were soaked with tears.

  Wang Jing told reporters: “Living with kindness is like a seed of love that will eventually sprout and grow and germinate with greater power of love. We hope to use our actions to guide disabled friends and bring them life and spirit. Remodeling. The donations of disabled friends to help students are a relay of love, and it is also a backfeed of love!"

  "This year, the number of disabled friends we funded increased to 53, and the number of sponsored students increased to 6. Next, I would like to take our disabled friends to Luoping Township to see the children and bring our love to them. "Wang Jing said that if necessary, the disabled friends are willing to support more poor students.

  Master Wang said: "I have a deep understanding of poor schooling. My son also dropped out of school due to poverty and was funded to successfully complete his studies. Now that the child graduates from work, I am capable of myself. Apart from being grateful, I want to contribute something to the society. , To deliver positive energy with love."

  "A good heart is worth ten thousand dollars."

The 53 disabled people who have received social care can better understand the meaning.

The sincere thank-you letters and videos from the children made the disabled friends more truly feel the response of love and expressed their strong desire to feed back the society. They also gave great help and encouragement to the students in need.