In an effort to support university students who are in need of living due to the effects of the new coronavirus, an initiative has begun to provide over 14,000 meals of white rice free of charge at the university cafeteria in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.

This initiative was started on the 29th at a total of five cafeterias at Shinshu University Matsumoto Campus and Matsumoto University, with a council made up of food business operators in the prefecture soliciting donations from companies.

In this initiative, rice produced in and around Matsumoto City will be served, and white rice will be offered free of charge, and curry rice and rice bowls will be offered at a 100 yen discount.

At Shinshu University, students gathered before the opening of business and ate a large amount of rice until they were full.

The council will provide more than 14,000 meals free of charge by the 3rd of next month, and if not only university students but also elementary and junior high school students, medical professionals, and so-called essential workers use the university cafeteria. Is also applicable.

A male student at the Faculty of Medicine said, "I am very grateful that my part-time job has decreased since last year and the amount of money I can spend on food has decreased."

President Tetsuo Koyama of the company participating in the council said, "The corona disaster has greatly affected businesses, but I want to overcome it both as a company and as a society."