Secret camera and nude photos.. A video revealing the scandal of filming women inside the bathroom of a famous Egyptian restaurant

The Egyptian security services managed to arrest the branch manager of a famous restaurant in the Makram Ebeid area in Nasr City, and a cleaner for accusing the worker of placing a mobile phone that entered the air hood in the ladies’ bathroom to spy on the women and photograph them while using the bathroom.

The cleaner admitted to the investigation authorities that he had committed the incident, and put the phone to photograph the women inside the bathroom. Inside the phone, many videos and photos were taken by the cleaner for the women while they were using the bathroom of the famous restaurant in Nasr City.

Users of social networking sites "Facebook" circulated a video clip of a famous restaurant in the Makram Ebeid area of ​​Nasr City, Cairo, which included cameras inside the women's bathrooms in the shop.

The video showed that while one of the women, named Menna Hisham, entered the bathroom, inside a famous restaurant, Makram Ebeid branch, she discovered the presence of a camera inside the bathrooms. When they used the bathroom, the emergency services were immediately informed, and a report was issued regarding the incident.

A woman’s post and videos spread on social media, warning users of social media, saying: “We went to a famous food restaurant, Makram Ebeid branch in Nasr City. We had lunch. After lunch, I entered the bathroom and was surprised by a mobile camera on the ceiling of the bathroom, inside the hood. I had my words and he saw it, and the branch manager and the manager came to answer the mobile as it is in the video.”

And the lady’s post continued: “And we actually found the mobile phone, and unfortunately the victims are many. The videos came out. The cleaner who entered and cleaned the bathrooms was the one who surrounded the mobile, and I, in order not to lose people’s rights and my rights, called the police and arrested the owner of the mobile and the man in charge of the branch in Bazooka, and we went to work in the department. And we will go to the prosecution in the morning, so I hope everyone is taken care of, because unfortunately, the issue is very widespread these days, and may God spare us from these sick people.”

In an update to the publication, it stated that the accused had confessed to the prosecution, that he was the owner of the mobile and that he was photographing customers with it.

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