China News Service, Hong Kong, November 29 (Reporter Suo Youwei) "Insight into the Masters-Northern Metropolitan Area Planning and Innovation and Technology New Layout Forum" was held in Hong Kong on November 29. Many people came from the innovation and technology circles, academia, and real estate. People from the international and financial circles discussed the opportunities brought by the northern metropolitan area to Hong Kong and the new layout of Hong Kong's innovation and technology development at the forum.

  In his speech, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government’s Acting Secretary for Innovation and Technology Zhong Weiqiang said in his speech that Hong Kong will continue to improve the innovation and technology ecosystem, covering scientific research, financing, production and marketization. The development of innovation and technology complements each other, making innovation and technology a new economic engine, driving economic transformation and creating more diversified employment opportunities.

At the same time, continue to explore measures that are conducive to the cross-border flow of innovative elements such as talent, capital, information, and technology, strengthen international cooperation in science and technology innovation, and build high-level science and technology infrastructure and innovation platforms.

  Zhong Weiqiang said that research and development is the foundation of innovation and technology development, and scientific research infrastructure is an important part of the innovation and technology ecosystem.

The construction of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park is proceeding at full speed. Xintian Science and Technology City will link up with the Shenzhen Science and Technology Park to form a Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone covering an area of ​​about 540 hectares. It is bound to become an important engine to promote the construction of an international science and technology innovation center in the Greater Bay Area.

  Professor Ling Jiaqin, the former director of the Planning Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and a strategic planning consultant for Hong Kong-Shenzhen cooperation, shared the concept and overall planning of the northern metropolis at the forum.

Ling Jiaqin said that the development of the northern metropolitan area will greatly change the imbalance between the north and south of Hong Kong, improve the imbalance between occupation and housing, adjust the development focus and priority of public resource allocation, and improve the sustainability and livability of Hong Kong.

Effective integration and the development of Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area are necessary conditions for strategic rebalancing.

  Teng Jinguang, president of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, stated in his keynote speech that land, university research orientation, applied research and translational research platforms, industrial foundations, innovation and technology employment opportunities, and talent policies are all elements of innovation and technology industry development that need to be improved; Hong Kong needs and The Mainland establishes a closer cooperation mechanism, including in science and technology research and development areas that both the country and Hong Kong are concerned about, which can be jointly funded by the central government and the Hong Kong SAR government, with Hong Kong scholars acting as chief scientists to implement national science and technology research and development projects; the establishment of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the Great Bay The cooperative scientific research funds of other cities in the district are funded and managed by both parties, and can also fund a single scientific research team regardless of region.