Xinhua News Agency, Zhengzhou, November 28 (Reporter Feng Dapeng and Yang Jing) Recently, “more than 30 teachers and students collectively vomited and diarrhea after meals” and “the principal cried and said that they could not change the food delivery company” in Fengqiu County, Henan Province, became a hot topic among netizens.

The reporter conducted an in-depth investigation on several issues of public concern.

Focus 1: Which food is the problem?

  On the 27th, Fengqiu issued a message stating that “it was initially determined that some students of Qicheng Middle School in Zhaogang Town experienced post-meal vomiting and diarrhea as a food-borne disease incident”.

The so-called food-borne diseases are mainly caused by the patients eating unclean food.

  Three hospitalized students said that they ate rice and winter melon meat at noon. Symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, and fever occurred about one hour after the meal. The hospital initially diagnosed acute gastroenteritis.

Another student who ate homemade tofu reported that the tofu had a rotten taste.

  The Fengqiu public security agency found that the catering company involved used frozen meat slices on November 23. It used fresh meat before. The police are tracing the source of the frozen meat.

In addition, relevant departments have launched investigations into whether they are suspected of poisoning.

  Li Antao, a spokesperson for the Fengqiu County Government, said that according to inspections, the company’s rice and noodle flora exceeded the standard, and the test results of tofu, winter melon slices, and corn soup kept on the day of the incident were not available.

"Which food is causing vomiting and diarrhea needs further investigation."

Focus 2: Why can't I change the catering company involved?

  Qicheng Middle School entrusted the canteen to a Sichuan enterprise for operation, and the two sides have cooperated for more than four years.

On November 15 this year, the Fengqiu branch of the company involved, Beijing Zhihong Hengda Trading Co., Ltd. began to deliver lunch to Qicheng Middle School.

  Some teachers, students and parents reported to reporters that the catering is not as good as the original lunch in the school cafeteria, and that bugs, machine parts, plastic pipes and other sundries have been found in the catering.

In addition, since Qicheng Middle School is about 9 kilometers away from the catering site, the food is already "not too hot" after delivery.

  Qicheng Middle School Principal Wang Yong said that he had reported the issue of catering to the Fengqiu County Education and Sports Bureau. The staff of the Food Management Office of the Education and Sports Bureau came to Qicheng Middle School to accompany the meal, and organized representatives of the school’s meal management committee to supervise and inspect the catering production site. .

  On the second day of the incident, the company involved still delivered lunch to Qicheng Middle School.

The person in charge of the Fengqiu County Party Committee stated that it is indeed wrong not to stop the catering immediately after a problem occurs, but it is not easy to replace a catering company selected through the bidding process.

Focus 3: How is the management level of the catering company involved?

  The catering company involved was established on September 22. The office is located in Nanchanggang Primary School in Zhaogang Town.

The reporter visited on the 26th and found that the catering production site was transformed from a brand-new teaching building.

The staff’s health certificate is hung on the wall of the house, the food sample cabinet is placed in the house, and the vegetable purchase ledger, restaurant disinfection record, vehicle disinfection record, and goods inspection and quarantine certificate are stored in the file cabinet.

  According to reports, the catering company involved delivered lunches to more than 3,000 teachers and students in 24 primary schools in Zhaogang Town and Qicheng Middle School.

Li Feng, the principal of Nanchanggang Primary School, and Zhang Chunming, the principal of Peigu Primary School, said that the catering is "not bad" and "almost."

  Wang Yuhua, deputy head of the food safety management team at the catering site, said that since the operation, staff from the market supervision office will come to inspect the work every week.

"In principle, the catering production sites are inspected once a quarter. Since it is a new enterprise that has been put into operation this year, we have encrypted the inspection frequency." said Yan Wenfeng, deputy director of the Fengqiu County Market Supervision Bureau.

  The reporter's investigation also found that although the company has not been established for a long time, its employees are highly mobile and have not received systematic job skills training.

Focus 4: What happened to the unlicensed operation of the catering company involved?

  The reporter's investigation found that the catering company involved was established on September 22 and obtained a business license on October 26.

However, the company started catering some elementary schools after October 9th, and did not obtain a food business license until November 25th, the day after the incident.

  The Fengqiu County Market Supervision Bureau found that the chef of the catering company involved had not obtained a chef certificate.

  "Due to the late start of the bidding for the Education and Sports Bureau, in order to allow students to enjoy the national policies, there has been a situation of unlicensed business operations." Yan Wenfeng, deputy director of the Fengqiu County Market Supervision Bureau, believes that "the company involved provides meals, rectifications, and certifications. , This is sensible but illegal."

Focus 5: Is there any "tricky" in bidding?

  On August 16, the catering company involved submitted the bidding documents according to the bidding documents of Fengqiu County's Rural Compulsory Education Student Nutrition Improvement Plan Lunch Procurement Project (4 bids). The bidding documents were reviewed and recommended by the bid evaluation committee and confirmed by the purchaser. Winner of the bid for this project (4 bids).

  "Through the review of the bidding documents, no problems in the preparation of the bidding documents have been found so far." said Wang Fujing, director of the case supervision and management office of the Fengqiu County Commission for Discipline Inspection.

  According to Wang Fujing, the next step will be to investigate in-depth issues such as the bidding process, the qualifications of the bidding company, and whether there are violations of regulations and laws.

  "The subjects of our investigation include the Fengqiu County Education and Sports Bureau, the Public Resource Trading Center, companies participating in the bidding, and agency companies. If necessary, bid evaluation experts will also be included in the scope of the investigation." Wang Fujing said that due to the large number of people involved, Whether there is any "splendid" among them remains to be further investigated.

  Fengqiu County Party Committee Propaganda Department Director Chen Ming said on the 28th that the county has selected a new catering supplier for Qicheng Middle School, and related work has already begun to ensure that teachers and students can eat a warm meal tomorrow.

  In addition, the Xinxiang City Education Bureau has also issued the "Emergency Notice on Further Strengthening of School Food Safety in Winter", which puts forward clear requirements on strengthening the supervision of school cafeterias and strengthening the management of off-campus meals.