Heba Rashwan Tawfiq responds to her nephew: My father's money and he is free in it (video)

The Egyptian media, Heba Rashwan Tawfiq, discussed the details of her father, artist Rashwan Tawfiq, with her sister, Aya, her husband and her son, saying: "The journalist Amr Al-Leithi hosted me on his program, me and my father, and asked him about his daughter, so he told him that there is a dispute between him between his daughter, her husband and his grandson, and there is a case filed in the court." He said that he is living the worst period of his life and that he is the living murderer.

Heba told Al-Watan newspaper, "My father did not say more than that, but the meaning of his words is that there is a rupture, and we did not intend to disclose the issue, and the promo of the program was published 3 days before the broadcast of the episode, and at first people thought that I meant the dispute with my father, Although I and my daughters are sitting next to him in the promo video.”

And she continued, "No one said that his daughters are raising the case against the artist, Rashwan Tawfiq, in the Hajar case, and the problem is these rumors were circulated before the episode was broadcast, and no one in the episode mentioned the word stone, there is indeed a case, but we did not disclose its type."

And she continued: “Everything is written in our name, the money of our father throughout his life, and because money is his money, including our mother, to whom he used to write everything. He has a general power of attorney to preserve his money and rights, and he has the right to insure himself in any circumstances.”

And she added: "After the death of our mother, there were some minor problems, differences, and the atmosphere was not comfortable, and there was a division of ownership of what was divided between me, my sister and my niece Tawfiq equally, it was 4 chalets, so we discovered that the father checked himself that my niece had the right of her deceased father's weakness My father saw that what he spent on me or my sister was more than what our brother Tawfiq earned.”

And she continued, "My father wanted to return the right to our brother's daughter, and compensate for that, so I decided to give up the chalet, while her sister filed a case to cancel the power of attorney for the artist Rashwan Tawfiq. Every day the bailiffs come either with a warning or a court."

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