• Fernando León de Aranoa "In today's society fear, hierarchy and vassalage reign"

  • Pedro Almodóvar "My revenge for Franco was to deny him in my life and in the cinema"

  • 'Mediterráneo', The image in the cinema of the forgotten

  • 'Maixabel' Exciting and raw simplicity

  • 'Freedom' Clara Roquet in Cannes

  • 'Three' A sound provocation

The actors José Coronado and Nathalie Poza have announced the candidacies for the Goya 2022 Awards, which the Film Academy will celebrate in Valencia, on February 12. The balance allows identifying several clear favorites to be the film of the year:

The Good Pattern

, by Fernando León de Aranoa will compete in 20 categories;


by Itziar Bollaín, at 14 and

Parallel Mothers

, by Pedro Almodóvar, at eight.

The three films will compete for the best film award together with


, by Clara Roquet and


, by Marcel Barrena

. The Goya for best director will be disputed by Almodóvar, León de Aranóa, Bollaín and Manuel Martín Cuenca, author of

La hija


In the second line of the poster are the Goya candidates for the best performances: Emma Suárez, by



Petra Martínez, for

Life was that


Penelope Cruz, for

Parallel Mothers


and Blanca Portillo, for

Maixabel, will

compete in the female category.

The candidates for the Best Leading Actor will be Javier Bardem for

The Good Patron

, Javier Gutiérrez for

The Daughter

, Luis Tosar for


and Eduard Fernández for



According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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