It has been four months in 29 days since a 5-year-old child was left behind in a shuttle bus and died of heat stroke at a nursery school in Nakama City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

The bereaved family of the deceased kindergarten told NHK about their current thoughts and appealed for thorough measures to prevent recurrence.

On July 29, at "Futaba Nursery School" in Nakama City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Fuyuo Kurakake (5) died of heat stroke after being left behind for about 9 hours on the shuttle bus when he went to the park.

Four months before the incident, 29 days ago, my grandfather, who lived with Fuyu, responded to NHK's interview.

In front of the clothes he wore on the day of Fuyu's death and shoes with his favorite character, his grandfather said, "I was a kind child, and I used to play soccer as my eldest son. I was kind to my mother. I looked back.

After that, he explained that the bus card used for attendance confirmation at the nursery school was left in the bag without being confirmed on the day, "Why should my grandson have such an encounter? At night. When I go to bed, I think about it. If the nursery school had done it properly, this wouldn't have happened, "he said in his heart.

Then, in response to the incident, Fukuoka Prefecture announced a guideline requesting that one or more staff members other than the driver be on board the shuttle bus to confirm the getting on and off of children. I want you to keep it. You must absolutely keep checking when you get the child off the bus. If you do this last, I think that Fuyusei will come to mind a little. " I appealed.

In this case, police are investigating the former director of the nursery school on suspicion of being fatal due to negligence in business.