The experts were right about the artist.

The painting "Standing Male Nude" is indeed a work of Lucian Freud.

Three independent studies concluded that the male nude had been painted by the British artist, reports 

The Guardian


The story began over 24 years ago.

A Swiss art collector bought the famous painting and some time later received a call from Lucian Freud.

The latter wanted to buy back the work from him, which the collector refused.

The painter called him back very angry three days later, threatening to disown the painting and offering double the price.

But the collector held on.

#LucianFreud painting denied by artist is authenticated by experts.

The artist insisted he did not paint Standing Male Nude, but three specialists have concluded it is his work

- MIX (@ mixdevil66) November 29, 2021

An embarrassing self-portrait

Since the death of Lucian Freud in 2011, his heirs have always refused to authenticate this nude, which has never been offered at auction.

Three expert studies have recently come to confirm that “Standing Male Nude” was indeed a work by Lucian Freud.

Analyzes of pigments, infrared images, and artificial intelligence all came to the same conclusion.

The painting is probably a self-portrait.

The work was initially part of the property of a man living in Geneva (Switzerland), friend of Francis Bacon and evolving in the homosexual community.

“Freud probably lied about this painting because it was embarrassing for him,” according to a private investigator quoted by 




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