Océane Théard, edited by Antoine Terrel 6:58 am, November 28, 2021

On Saturday, the first positive cases for the new variant of Covid-19 multiplied in Europe.

The United Kingdom has announced new measures, including a tightening of entry rules for arrivals from all sources.

In France, no case has yet been confirmed. 

The Omicron variant has indeed arrived in Europe. Originally detected in southern Africa, this new variant of Covid-19, more contagious and more virulent, represents a "high to very high" risk for Europe, according to the European Union health agency. And if it is for the moment not possible to say how fast it circulates, the cases of contaminations multiplied Saturday in several European countries, forcing certain States to take measures. 

Thus, in the United Kingdom, two cases of contamination were detected in the country.

To deal with this situation, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the return of the wearing of masks in stores, but also new restrictions on travel, with a tightening of entry rules for arrivals from all origins: test PCR and isolation mandatory until the result.

Objective: to save time and slow down the propagation of the Omicron variant as much as possible.

No confirmed case in France for the moment

And concern is growing in several European countries. Germany has detected its first two cases in travelers arriving from South Africa at Munich airport, while another case has been recorded in Italy. Then, the Czech Republic in turn announced a first case on a Covid-19 patient hospitalized with mild symptoms in Liberec, in the north of the country. In the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, about sixty passengers, disembarked Friday from Johannesburg and Cape Town, were still in quarantine near the airport. "The Omicron variant was probably found among those tested," said the National Institute of Public Health (RIVM), pending final results expected on Sunday.

In France, no case has yet been confirmed, but the Ministry of Health is already tightening the screw, announcing that any contact person of another tested positive for the new variant of covid-19 will have to isolate themselves, even if she is vaccinated. 

the British Prime Minister announces the return of wearing masks in stores ... But also new restrictions on travel ...