[Explanation] On November 27th, the much-watched Fengqiu, Henan, "more than 30 students vomited after meals, the principal cried bitterly", the latest progress was made.

Fengqiu's official report stated that: it was initially determined that the incident was a food-borne disease incident, and several officials including Wang Niansi, deputy director of the Fengqiu County Education and Sports Bureau, were filed for investigation.

A reporter from China News Agency in Fengqiu found that there was a “meal before approval” situation in the catering point involved. The parents of the sick student hope that the relevant department will give an explanation as soon as possible.

  [Explanation] The food catering site involved is located in a two-story building of Nanchanggang School in Zhaogang Town, Fengqiu County, which is divided into four rooms: the main food storehouse, the meal room, the operation room, and the non-staple food storehouse.

Talking about the purpose of coming, the two staff members cooperated to guide the reporter to visit.

  [Concurrent] The staff involved in the catering

  (Is the meal still cooking now?) No, it stopped. (When did it stop?) Yesterday (25th) it started to stop.

(Can you take a look at it?) Feel free to visit.

(What is the meal room for?) The meal is divided, and the vegetables are fried and divided into buckets. You can come in and have a look.

  [Explanation] The reporter checked the daily catering menu, operating room, and reserved ingredients of the catering point.

In the staple food warehouse, storable materials such as rice, flour, oil, etc. are neatly arranged, and the acceptance system and food storage system are hung on the wall.

In the non-staple food warehouse, there are blue and white clean vegetable baskets and wool vegetable baskets, green and red chopping boards, green chopping boards for cutting vegetables, and red chopping boards for cutting meat.

Talking about the vomiting and diarrhea of ​​some students in Qicheng Middle School in Zhaogang Township, Ms. Wang, the staff at the catering establishment, was quite puzzled.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Wang, a staff member of the catering point

  My child is also eating in the experimental middle school, (also delivered by you?) Hmm.

I am also a parent. My child said (the meal) is delicious. Yesterday, he said that today is chicken drumsticks, and I am waiting to eat chicken drumsticks.

My child (living on campus) can only come back once in five days. If there is a problem, the teacher won't call me?

I'm eating here myself, isn't it clean (I will eat)?

  [Explanation] The relevant person in charge of the Fengqiu County Market Supervision Bureau told the reporter that the company involved in the establishment of a local branch in September this year, but was not approved for food business licenses due to the unreasonable distribution of catering points.

In fact, the catering site was rectified while catering, and the food business license was approved after the rectification was completed.

  [Concurrent] Relevant person in charge of Fengqiu County Market Supervision Bureau

  (Before the catering point involved) the layout was unreasonable. After meeting the requirements, he changed the certificate before issuing him.

When supervising, it is said that he must be banned according to national regulations. There is no doubt about this.

However, the education department signed a contract for him. When should he start serving meals, he did not provide for our students to eat, but he could not meet the requirements. What we considered at the time was reasonable and illegal.

Reasonable, but illegal.

So order him to correct, you meet the requirements, and then give you a license (certificate).

  [Explanation] What the reporter saw in the eyes of the seemingly standard catering point, what about the food delivered?

A catering information registration form shows that dozens of schools, including Nanchanggang Primary School and Zhaogang Town Experimental School, are all companies involved in centralized catering.

During the interview, some schools stated that no students had vomiting and diarrhea after meals, and no students reported any problems with their meals.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Wang, a staff member of the catering point

  (Currently, which schools have you received feedback information that have problems?) No, no other schools have reported. This is the one that is currently on the news (this school).

  [Explanation] Many students from Qicheng Middle School said in an interview, "The meat has a fishy smell and the tofu is rotten."

  [Concurrent] Zhao Yunzhe, a student at Qicheng Middle School in Fengqiu, Henan

  After eating for an hour, I started to have a stomachache.

I had diarrhea (belly) twice that day, and my stomach was still painful. (What was the taste of the food you were eating at the time?) I felt a fishy smell. The tofu felt stinky, but the meat was unpalatable. , Retching.

  [Explanation] The 3 students who are still receiving treatment at Fengqiu County People's Hospital, their nursing card shows that the diagnosis is all acute gastritis.

  [Synchronization] Guo, a junior high school student

  (I had eaten at the time) I felt bad in my belly, but I felt like vomiting, (still like this now?) I still feel bad in my belly, (has it improved?) Better.

  [Concurrent] Lin Qiaoling, the parent of the student

  There must be an explanation. If you don't give an explanation, what the children get (illness) is always in a stuffy gourd (unclear).

As a parent, what do you call me think?

  Reporter Li Chaoqing Kan Li reports from Fengqiu, Henan

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】