As the forecaster explained, the first half of the week in the metropolitan area will still be "under the influence of Atlantic cyclones."

In addition, according to Pozdnyakova, the temperature on Monday and Tuesday may exceed the norm by 5-6 ° C.

“On Monday nights - no significant rainfall, during the day - light rain in places.

The air temperature at night on Monday is about 0 ° С in the city, daytime - +3 ... + 5 ° С.

On November 30, the weather is cloudy, but on November 30, the nature of the weather will change, ”said the expert.

Pozdnyakova added that rain is expected at night, and during the day it will be replaced by snow. 

“The weather will be pretty windy.

At night it will be +2 ... + 4 ° С, in the morning hours - the same temperature.

By the evening the air will quickly start to cool down, because the cold atmospheric front will already cross us, and on December 1 the weather will be quite winter.

That is, light to moderate snow will be taken from time to time.

Freezing temperatures throughout the day: in Moscow - -4 ...- 2 ° С, in the region - up to -6 ° С.

A strong wind, like November 30, is not expected, ”she said.

At the same time, Pozdnyakova said that such "moderately frosty weather" would not last long.

“Only December 2 will be the same with a little snow and light frost ... Unfortunately, by Friday, December 3, the influence of the next cyclone will affect, which will bring us a portion of humid and warmer air.

Again, we will receive precipitation: sleet and rain, and the temperature during the day will be around 0 ° C in the city, ”she concluded.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow on the night of Monday to Tuesday, November 30, record-breaking warm weather and low atmospheric pressure are expected.