• Friday evening, TF1 broadcast the final of the eleventh season of

    Dance with the Stars

    which ended with the victory of Tayc.

  • The singer won 56% of the vote against Bilal Hassani.

  • "Even before I had finished the show, I could already see that the people who recognized me in the street and followed me on the networks were no longer the same", he confided to 

    20 Minutes


Never submitted to the viewers' votes before the final, Tayc clinched the victory of the eleventh season of

Dancing with the Stars on

Friday night.

Facing Bilal Hassani, the singer obtained 56% of the votes at the end of a frenzied evening.

Accompanied by Fauve Hautot, the interpreter of 

Tell me how

 danced three times before brandishing the trophy while wiping his tears.

He confided in

20 Minutes

the day after his consecration.

Was the night short, very short, or very, very short?

The night was very, very short.

I slept four hours because this morning, I decided to get Fauve's first name tattooed on the pec.

No, I'm kidding [Laughs].

It had been a few months since I had to get a tattoo and I couldn't find a date because of the workouts, sweating, etc.

There, I got my tattoo straight away, it's a big elephant on the back that takes time so we started very early this morning.

What condition are you in less than 24 hours after your victory?


It is an epic.

It's been three months that I've been stressed out every week about not knowing what dance I'm going to have, that I'm pissed off with myself on Mondays and Tuesdays because I can't seem to master the dance, that I starts to enjoy Wednesday or Thursday because I find my balance.

And then, every Friday, I have the highest pressure in the world.

Afterwards, I am relieved because I continue.

And on Saturday, I'm under stress again because I'm wondering what's going to happen the following week.

All that ends, and we are happy.

What was going on in your head when you announced your consecration?

I go into a kind of anesthesia, my limbs are paralyzed, I have ants all over the place.

Fauve takes me in his arms but I don't even really feel his body.

I hear Moussa say "we lift him", he takes me by the legs and at that moment, I don't remember anything.

I'm just numb all over and can't stop smiling.

You were very moved last night, you cried a lot.

Why this emotion?

Is the pressure falling?

That's it !

Because it's a big lesson in human life.

When I arrive on the show, I tell myself that I am Tayc, an artist that we know, not yet in the whole of France, but that we know all the same.

You do a rehearsal, you block your hip, you are in pain, you are tired.

You do two or three repetitions, you see that it's really tough.

Then you make a bonus and there, you make the show your priority.

When you spend a bounty and see all the likes, all the people, it's crazy.

Every Friday, I felt like I was releasing an album, I had messages from everywhere.

I made this my priority for three months.

You have never been put to the public vote.

Was it a real fear?

Huge fear, you have no idea what people think of you at all.

You leaf through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook a bit, you see what they say about you, you're happy or sometimes a little less, but a public vote is something else.

Obviously, you have the sweet tooth, you have no benchmark on your success.

I was hot, especially in the final, I found myself facing two guys adored by people.

Bilal was loved by everyone and Michou, it's not even debatable.

If he had passed the first round he would have won because no one can look Michou in the eye in terms of the public votes.

Before the start of the season, Bilal Hassani said the show had an impact on the careers of those who won it.

Is this something that you are so convinced of?

Yes, clearly.

Even before I finished the show, I could already see that the people who recognized me in the street and followed me on the networks were no longer the same.

My career took a different turn.

Before, it was young people and a few people a little less young.

There, it goes from grandparents to grandchildren.

Now it's the parents who are the fans.

On the plane, a couple of grandparents wanted to take a picture with me.

But for both of them!

That's wonderful.

Are there things you learned that you are going to use again on stage?

I think that the advice that will serve me the most are those of François Alu and Chris Marques.

François Alu looks a lot like me because he has this very underground side that he has managed to mix with classical music, I find that so honorable.

And then he has a passion a little similar to mine.

Every piece of advice he gave me has always been very beneficial.

At one point, he told me to imagine that when I dance, I am in a box and that I have to go and look for each cardinal point.

This speech, I gave it to my dancers at the NRJ Music Awards.

And Chris Marques was talking to me about breaking up, about putting accents between the moments when I stop and when I dance.

Same, it served me like phew.

We felt the jury still fully behind you.

Did you feel the same?


They are still dancers, they are supporters of the show.

You may lack technique, may not have your back straight or your perfect frame, but if you put on a show, we are still humans who want to be entertained.

It doesn't matter if I have the essence of the dance or not, when I step on the floor, I'm there to do a show and I'm at 250%.

I think that's what they were a bit of a fan of.

What's in store for you, now that the adventure is over?

Lots of concerts.

I'm going to Africa, it will do me good to be warm.

I'm going to Benin, Djibouti, Congo, Cameroon, I'm going to bring afro love to Africa.

I have some great things coming up and a great tour starting at the end of 2022. I'm very happy because it's going to end with a magnificent Bercy that I'm already thinking about.


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