The initiative helped 38 patients with kidney failure

"Organ Donation" honors "Emirates Today" for its support "Your donation is life"

Colleague Ahmed Al-Muzahimy while receiving the honorary shield.

Photography: Mohamed Naguib

The "Human Organ and Tissue Donation in the State" program honored the "Emirates Today" newspaper, represented by the "Hotline", for its adoption and support of the "Donate for Life" initiative launched by the newspaper, last April, in cooperation with the Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences. And the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, to help 38 patients who suffered from kidney failure, by performing kidney transplants at a cost of 22 million and 670 thousand dirhams, with the contributions of eight governmental, private and charitable institutions, and 15 donors from community members.

The initiative included a list of renal failure patients who need transplantation, including 14 children and 24 adults, and included various nationalities, including 13 citizens, one Gulf patient, three patients from Arab countries, one patient from Comoros and 20 patients from Asian countries.

The donations contributed to the treatment and transplantation of kidneys for patients included in the initiative, at Mediclinic Madinah Hospital and Al Jalila Children's Specialist Hospital in Dubai, as well as providing the necessary medication and follow-up treatment for patients after surgeries.

The honorary shield was received on behalf of the newspaper, the head of the Hotline Division, Colleague Ahmed Al-Muzahimy, and the organizers of the “Organ Donation Program in the United Arab Emirates” honored the strategic partners and main supporters of the program from the UAE and a number of Arab and international countries, for their important efforts in supporting the program And strengthening his position, and the success of the field of donation and organ transplantation.

Among the most prominent honorees supporting the program are the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, the Dubai Health Authority, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, and many health authorities in the public and private sectors in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Police, and Abu Dhabi Media, In addition to a number of heads of delegations, guests of the health sector in the UAE participating in the "ADNOC Marathon" from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and a number of Arab and international countries, such as Jordan, Spain, the United States of America, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and India.

The Executive Medical Director of SEHA Kidney Care and Chairman of the National Committee for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation in the UAE, Dr. Ali Abdul Karim Al Obaidly, stressed in a speech during the ceremony the importance of following a healthy lifestyle and exercising, because lifestyle modifications may prevent heart disease and kidney failure. By changing our daily habits, we can make a significant impact on our health, thus reducing the need for organ transplantation and transplantation, which are very costly operations for individuals and governments.

He pointed out that the statistics of the Global Observatory for Organ Donation and Transplantation for 2019 confirmed that the number of donated organs amounted to 153,863 members, including 100 thousand and 97 kidney transplants, 35,784 liver transplants, 8722 heart transplants, 6800 lung transplants, and 2,323 pancreas transplants. , and 137 bowel transplants, and these numbers represent less than 10% of the global need for organ donation.

Al-Obaidli reiterated the need to prevent organic failure, focus on the culture of healthy living, exercise and disease prevention, in addition to the integration of programs between countries, and this is the main reason for the meeting and meeting of specialists on the sidelines of the "ADNOC Marathon", as the UAE, with the support of The leadership extends a hand of cooperation to all countries, in the field of donation and organ transplantation, based on the distinguished medical services available in the Emirates, and cultural diversity, as the UAE hosts about 200 nationalities, which makes it one of the best countries for integration services in this field, stressing the importance of cooperation between countries of the world. To increase the number of donated organs to help the largest number of patients with organ failure in the world

Urging community members to quit smoking, reduce caffeine intake, do physical activity and movement, control stress, and other factors that lead to organ failure (heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys).

He called on everyone to visit the “Hayat” medical tent “Together We Cultivate Hope” to learn more information and obtain a free electronic copy available in 39 languages.

«ADNOC Marathon»

The “Organ Donation Program in the United Arab Emirates” is participating in the “ADNOC Marathon”, through the “Hayat” pavilion located in the village of ADNOC in the back garden of “ADNOC”, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy human body organs, and examinations are conducted in the pavilion Free medical care, health education about organ failure prevention, organ donation and transplantation, and a registration platform for organ donation.

It highlights the main goal of the program, which is to encourage donors and invite people to register through the "Hayat" application of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, to donate organs, or the "Hayat" platform.

• Donations contributed to the treatment and transplantation of kidneys for patients covered by the "initiative".