A shipping company that was damaged in a case in which employees of a local fishery cooperative and a former president of a fishery processing company were accused of stealing bonito at the Yaizu fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture, which boasts the largest amount of frozen bonito landed in Japan. So far, he has claimed that nearly 150 tons of bonito and other fish have been stolen, and has filed a lawsuit seeking compensation of approximately 30 million yen from fishery cooperatives and fishery processing companies.

Five people, including Minoru Yoshida (40), the chief of the outer port sales floor of the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative, and Kazuo Shindo (60), the former president of the fishery processing company "Kaneshin JKS" in Yaizu City, were frozen at the Yaizu fishing port in February. He is accused of stealing about 4 tons of bonito and stealing a market value of about 1 million yen.

The shipping company "Kyokuyo Fisheries" in Yaizu City, which was damaged in this incident, claimed that 148 tons of frozen bonito and other items had been stolen since February, and was charged with the Fisheries Cooperative and "Kaneshin JKS". We have filed a lawsuit in the Shizuoka District Court seeking compensation of about 30 million yen from people.

Attorney Masafumi Kawamura, an attorney for "Kyokuyo Fisheries," said at a press conference, "I am afraid to go through my anger. I don't think it was, but I think he was passively closing his eyes. "

Regarding the complaint, the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative commented, "We are responsible for the involvement of staff, so we would like to take it seriously and respond to it."

In addition, the lawyer representing "Kaneshin JKS" said, "I can't comment because I haven't received the complaint."

Regarding this case, two other shipping companies outside the prefecture that are landing at the Yaizu fishing port are planning to file a criminal complaint with the Yaizu police station within the year on suspicion of theft of the five indicted people.