Panasonic has revealed that its internal network was under unauthorized access from June to the beginning of this month.

Information on the company's technology and business partners is stored on the server that has been illegally accessed, and the company is checking whether the information is leaked to the outside.

According to Panasonic's announcement, an investigation was conducted because the internal network detected an abnormality on the 11th of this month, and it was found that it had been illegally accessed.

In addition to information about the company's technology and business partners, personal information of employees was stored on the server, but from June 22nd to this month 3rd, multiple unauthorized accesses were made. It means that.

The company says that the leakage of information to the outside has not been confirmed at this time, but with the cooperation of security experts, we are proceeding with confirmation of the existence of the leakage.

In November last year, a cyber attack on an Indian subsidiary caused Panasonic to leak information about its business partners, and Panasonic was strengthening its monitoring of server access.

Panasonic commented, "We take this situation seriously and will continue to promote information security measures and strengthening of the monitoring system."