Go Se-won's position was revealed amid an online revelation of a woman who had been dating actress Go Se-won but abandoned her after becoming pregnant.

On the 23rd, netizen A posted on an online community and claimed, "I got pregnant and abandoned by Mr. K, who is called the Crown Prince of housewives, and I had a miscarriage."

Person A, who dated last year with Mr. K, who divorced in 2017, also said, “I sent a text message asking him to confirm that he had even deleted my nude photos, and he told me to wait for suing me for threatening me, and then blocked me.”

Netizens responded that they did not believe in this revelation, and comments that criticized Mr. A followed. In response, Mr. A posted an additional post on the 26th. This time, the real name of actor K was specified.

Mr. A revealed his real name, saying, "Actor K, this is Go Se-won." Regarding not revealing Mr. K's name earlier, Mr. A said, "If you disclose your real name, Kakaotalk, or text message, it will lead to aggravated punishment when you are sued for defamation, so I did not disclose it. “, explained.

Ko Se-won got married in 2011, but there has been no news of divorce since. Mr. A emphasized, "Go said that he divorced in early 2017. It's not that incestuous woman. We met after confirmation."

Also, Mr. A said, "Mr. Ko said, 'If you get pregnant, you will get divorced immediately and get married immediately. No matter what happens, don't worry, just trust your brother.' When I contacted Go Han after a few months, Go said to me, 'Why are you getting pregnant so well?'

Person A, who even revealed the text messages exchanged with Go Se-won, said, "I said that if I post something on the Internet, I will be sued. showed attitude.

On the afternoon of the 26th, Ko Se-won made a statement about Mr. A's revelations through his agency, Hunus Entertainment.

Go Se-won admitted that she divorced in 2017 and said that she and A were in a real relationship.

Ko Se-won said, "I got divorced in 2017. The reason I didn't announce the divorce at the time was because I wanted to make an effort to reunite. But in the end, we couldn't get to the reunion, and in the meantime, at the end of last year, I met the woman, and we started dating for about 3 months." he explained.

He continued, "I would like to first apologize to that woman for whatever reason," he said.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)