Less than two weeks after the birth, rapper Bushido shared the first family photo with his wife Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40) and her newborn triplets.

“You three little people were born 13 days ago,” the 43-year-old wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.

In the picture published for this purpose, the couple is sitting next to each other on a sofa;

Ferchichi holds one of the little girls in his arms, Bushido two.

“We have had months of fear and worry for you.

Hopefully many years of happiness and health lie ahead of us with you, ”the rapper continued.

In his post, Bushido thanked the Charité doctors, the midwife and "the great nurses and nurses on our ward".

"Our children were in good hands every second and today we are finally all at home together." Meanwhile, his wife announced in an Instagram story that they were allowed to bring their third baby home from the hospital on Wednesday.

The three girls were born in the 36th week of pregnancy.

Bushido - real name Anis Mohamed Ferchichi - and his wife already have four children together, including twins.

Anna-Maria Ferchichi, the youngest sister of singer Sarah Connor (41), also has a son from her first marriage.