"How did the first blow come for you?"

Anne and Christelle both suffered domestic violence.

At the request of our partner Brut, they agreed to discuss their past: "He said to me:" Anyway, if you divorce, I want you dead in the street! ""

Their discussion reflects the complexity of the relationship as the grip sets in. Each of them tried to find a solution after the first blow, to run away or to calm things down. But tender gestures, promises, questioning and taking children into account locked them in a violent relationship: “There is heat and cold. He is madly in love, he does wonderful things for me, and next to that, there is verbal violence, he denigrates me, he isolates me… ”

However, in public, their husbands let nothing show: "People who, in the privacy, will reveal themselves but outside, they are real charmers, they are people who have a court around them. … I was even told once that I was lucky to have such a lovely husband!

Today, Anne and Christelle came out with help, and encourage the victims to talk as much as possible about their situation around them.

Follow their discussion in Brut's video.

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