[Explanation] Recently, the reporter came to the Medical Laboratory Science Department of Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital. Through the glass of the sealed door of the laboratory, the reporter saw that the "fully equipped" staff were receiving nucleic acid test samples collected from various places in an orderly manner. After careful verification, the sample is sent to the laboratory for screening.

  [Explanation] It is understood that since the first case of new coronary pneumonia virus infection was found in Pingan District, Haidong City, Qinghai Province on October 20, the Medical Laboratory Department of Qinghai Provincial People’s Hospital has temporarily formed a team based on the completion of daily inspections. The 60-member "commando" has undertaken the task of screening some samples of nucleic acid testing for all employees in Haidong City and Xining City, as well as the tasks of screening nucleic acid testing samples from relevant units in the province and other regions. One of the positions.

  [Explanation] According to Li Zi'an, deputy director of the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital, the department is currently in a 24-hour uninterrupted working mode, with testing equipment non-stop, and three shifts of personnel.

  [Concurrent] Li Zian, deputy director of the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital

  Our current testing capacity was 10,000 tubes every 24 hours at the beginning, and now it has reached 15,000 tubes. If one tube serves 10 people, we will be 150,000 (person-times) for 24 hours.

  [Explanation] According to Wang Liping, chief technician of the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Qinghai Provincial People’s Hospital, the nucleic acid testing sample laboratory is divided into four areas: cleaning, reagent preparation, specimen processing, and amplification. After the inspectors wear protective equipment in the clean area, they enter the closed area. In the experimental area, reagent preparation, sample addition, extraction, and amplification are performed. After the data is reviewed, a nucleic acid test report is finally generated.

  [Concurrent] Wang Liping, Chief Technician, Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital

  This is the critical step for the detection result. The nucleic acid extraction process requires higher requirements and higher technical content. The entire operation is more difficult. If the nucleic acid is not extracted, the false negative result will appear. Will miss the test.

Although everything we operate like sampling tubes, opening lids, etc. are in the safety cabinet, our personnel protection is better, but the whole (sample) is exposed, and the risk is relatively high when the (sample) is exposed.

  [Commentary] Wang Liping is the person in charge of this "commando team" and the head of this team with the post-95s as the backbone. She told reporters that the "children" are usually used by her and older colleagues to the team members. In her eyes, these "children" always have a heart that makes people want to worry about it. The reporter was interviewing during the lunch shift. Wang Liping carefully checked whether the protective equipment of the team members who were about to enter the laboratory was properly worn. The team members who have just finished their work are told to eat while the meal is hot, not to drink cold drinks as soon as they come out...

  [Concurrent] Wang Liping, Chief Technician, Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital

  Most of them are young people, and very few post-80s are small teams of post-90s.

They are very hard, because they are fighting day and night, and sometimes when they are very tired, watching the specimens before they come in, they are on the table (resting), sometimes they will lie down and fall asleep, I I really feel distressed after seeing them. They are really younger than my children, and many of them are younger than mine. Their dedication at work has also moved us very much, and we also feel that this group of post-90s The children have grown up and can carry heavy burdens.

  [Explanation] Du Hui, a professional technician in the biomolecular laboratory, is mainly responsible for the sampling of nucleic acid test samples during the experiment. She was only exposed to nucleic acid test sample screening when the new crown pneumonia epidemic occurred in early 2020. She is already the team leader this year. NS.

This month, she only went home to get a change of laundry, and spent the rest of the time living in a temporary dormitory arranged by the hospital. Now, her biggest wish for her and her colleagues is to pass the epidemic earlier and have a spicy hot pot meal together.

  [Concurrent] Du Hui, professional technician of Molecular Biology Laboratory, Department of Medical Laboratory Science, Qinghai Province

  In fact, before (before entering the laboratory), I really didn’t dare to eat or drink, but because there was too much time to enter (the laboratory), and everyone felt that after drinking (water), they would not go from urine to sweat. Go, and then sweat. Everyone will drink water before going in.

Those who are more exciting are not dared to eat at all, because everyone's division of labor is very clear. If you have this (diarrhea, etc.) condition, someone else will do your thing, then he will have to bear two shares. This kind of work is more difficult, and no one would do it.

  [Explanation] According to statistics, as of now, the Department of Medical Laboratory Science of Qinghai Provincial People's Hospital has screened 727782 nucleic acid test samples, which has effectively helped the province's 36-hour nucleic acid test volume to exceed 1.45 million.

At present, 8 of the 12 local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Qinghai Province have been cured and discharged.

  Reporter Zhou Ruichen reports from Xining, Qinghai

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]