25 November 2021

Elsa Bois can count on Michou to help her overcome her breakup

Elsa Bois separated from her companion during

Danse Avec Les Stars

, but luckily, she was able to count on the friendly support of her partner, the YouTuber Michou.

If rumors of an affair between the two participants were circulating at the start of the season, she assures him, there is nothing between them.

Asked about this by


, and how her companion lived up to the rumors, the answer is concise.

“We are no longer together.

We separated not long ago ", she asserts, before explaining that the rupture was linked to" the visibility that results from the show and the distance, because he does not live in Paris " .

As for Michou, the jokes about their supposed love are "a running-gag" which they "often laugh".

Justin Bieber makes a tender statement to his wife

John Travolta celebrates his son's eleven birthday

John Travolta wished a happy birthday to his son, Benjamin, who turned 11 on November 23.

“Happy birthday my beautiful boy.

Your father adores you, ”he wrote on Instagram.

An anniversary also celebrated by Ella, his sister, but also Olivia Newton-John, Lika Osipova, guitarist John 5, and, of course, thousands of fans from all over the world.


Miramax sues Quentin Tarantino over "Pulp Fiction" NFTs

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