Scandinavia: ever taller wooden skyscrapers

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The new cultural center in the small Swedish town of Skellefteå built of wood and metal.

© White Arkitekter / Twitter

By: Frédéric Faux

With the desire to reduce CO2 emissions, and to use healthier and more energy-efficient materials, wood construction is on the rise.

But today, we are no longer limited to building chalets, individual houses, or small buildings.

The era of wooden skyscrapers has arrived.

This is particularly the case in Skelleftea, in northern Sweden, where a 20-storey tower was inaugurated a few weeks ago;

or in Norway, with another tower, 85 meters. 


"Scandinavia: ever higher wooden skyscrapers", a Grand report by our correspondent Frédéric Faux.


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