This is unheard of since 1976. This Saturday, the Loto offers a jackpot of 27 million euros, reports 


which spotted the information on the Winning Draw


This is a record, while the game is currently registering its longest series of consecutive draws without a winner, namely 25. To find the last winner, you have to go back to September 27.

A resident of Thionville (Moselle) then won a jackpot of 2 million euros.

A previous record had been set a few days earlier, on September 11, when a person pocketed the extravagant sum of 26 million euros.

After these two months without a winner, the pot has continued to increase and could even climb further if no one chooses the right numbers on Saturday.

A record year 2021

In reality, Loto rules state that there can be up to 36 draws without a winner.

Or until December 15.

On that date, the amount involved would then amount to 38 million euros.

In the absence of a winner again, the sum should be shared.

But we have to believe it, because this year 2021 appears to be the year of all records for French and European lotteries.

In February, a Swiss player pocketed 210 million euros from the Euromillions.

Eight months later, a resident of Polynesia won the sum of 220 million euros, breaking all the records of the game. This novice, for whom it was the first participation, had then confided to have waited "for the right moment to play. "And to have had that day" an intuition ".

Will you feel the same this Saturday?


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