Tomorrow (26th), the temperature will drop below zero again and it will be cold.

Tomorrow morning in Seoul, the temperature will be 2 degrees below zero, about 6 degrees lower than today, and the daytime temperature will be only 6 degrees.

However, starting from the weekend, the temperature will gradually rise and the temperature change will be erratic.

From the weekend to the beginning of next week, it will be rather mild, but after rains across the country on Tuesday next week, it will become cold again from the first day of December.

Meanwhile, the dry weather advisory has been extended to the east coast of Gyeongsang, including Busan.

As the air in the eastern inland is very dry, you need to be careful about fire accidents.

Tomorrow morning, the temperature in Chuncheon, Chungju, and Sejong will all be -4 degrees below zero, about 5-10 degrees lower than today.

The daytime temperature will be about 4 degrees lower than today across the country, and there will be thick fog in the Honam inland tomorrow morning.

Next Tuesday, after the winter rains stop, it will rain heavily across the country.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)