"I think it's plastic" .. A crocodile pounces on a tourist in the Philippines while taking a selfie (video)

A 12-foot crocodile attacked a tourist in the Philippines after he mistook it for a plastic model and climbed into a swimming pool to take selfies at a park in the Philippines.

And the details of the strange incident, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail", that the tourist Nehimias Chipada was visiting a recreational area in the city of Cagayan de Oro, before he spotted the crocodile, noting that he thought it was plastic, and then decided to enter the swimming pool to take selfies with him.

As soon as the 68-year-old began taking pictures, he was surprised by the crocodile, pounce on him and drag him by the arm into the water.

A video clip showed Nehemias screaming for help as the crocodile dragged him by the left arm.

Fortunately, he managed to escape from the crocodile's jaws and was taken to the hospital to receive first aid, where tests revealed that he had fractures, in addition to some wounds that needed stitching in his arm and thigh.

After the accident, the Nehemias family blamed the theme park for not putting up signs warning visitors about the dangers of crocodiles.

This is what happens when a crocodile jokes.. A tourist escaped certain death after a sudden attack by a crocodile in a park in the Philippines, after he broke into the crocodile basin to take selfies with him, and suffered broken bones, in addition to some wounds that needed stitching in his arm and foot .


— Source (@MSDAR_NEWS) November 25, 2021

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