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    Hashtag Boomer series

    arrives this Thursday at 8:40 p.m. on OCS Max.

  • This eight-part comedy follows a gang of thirty-somethings and their struggles with their



  • The series explores the digital and cultural divide of generations with as much humor as it does tenderness.

Four in their thirties, their parents, a digital revolution and the vagaries of life to overcome ...

Hashtag Boomer

, an eight-episode comedy created and directed by Constance Maillet and broadcast this Thursday at 8:40 pm on OCS Max, explores parent-child relationships at the adulthood between millennials and boomers. At the origin of the project? "This inversion of transmission following the digital revolution", sums up Constance Maillet at

20 Minutes

during the last edition of the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival where the series, produced by Alexandra Crucq and Maïtena Biraben for Mesdames Productions, was presented.

In the manner of



Hashtag Boomer

follows a band of thirty friends very welded Dany (Manon Hazem, seen in

a man of honor

), Raoul (Jules Sagot, seen in

The Office legends

), Margot (Allison Chassagne seen in


) and Hassan (Bellamine Abdelmalek, seen in



“The group is a character in its own right.

They are caring and very cool with each other, because they are not in competition.

It was important so that they could all explode in their quirks, ”underlines the designer.

"We talked all the time about our parents"

"Constance Maillet is my best friend and this project was born on my sofa", proudly claims Manon Azem.

“We realized that we were talking about our parents all the time.

We said to ourselves that perhaps we should do a series on this, ”continues Constance Maillet.

Dany, a young bisexual with a strong character, tries to break free from the fusional relationship she has with her mother, Christiane (Christine Citti).

A very sexually free woman, Christiane had her baby on her own.

Dany is her reason for living until the day her daughter introduces her to Adopt a Guy.

While Christiane rediscovers her femininity, Dany decides to find out more about her father and her origins.

"A chaotic family pattern"

Hassan, a young Franco-Algerian, must learn to manage his future fatherhood, without reproducing the parental model. "He is terrified of the idea because he has a chaotic family pattern," explains Bellamine Abdelmalek. His father André (Olivier Marchal), a meat eater who does not get a hold of anything in the post-MeToo world, and his mother (Noor) have been unable to stay in the same room since their split eighteen years ago. "He is afraid to reproduce what he lived as a child", summarizes the actor.

Margot still lives with her parents.

“Margot manages her father's karaoke in the 20th arrondissement.

She takes care of others a lot and forgets herself a little, ”summarizes Allison Chassagne.

His mother Laurence (Laurence Bibot), obsessed by the dangerousness of the waves, fiercely opposes the digital revolution, his father Marc (Grégoire Oestermann) is bipolar.

In addition to her father's depression, Margot will have to face her problem: anorgasmia.

"This absolute freedom of the 1980s"

If Raoul, Dany's roommate, dresses in the women's department, he nevertheless likes women. To fully tame his femininity, he will have to settle accounts with the woman of his life, his mother Amanda Lear (Amanda Lear, in her own role) of whom he is the hidden child. “I immediately have Amanda Lear in mind. In my teenage years, with Queen of Chinatown, it was for me an absolute icon. It also represents for me the absolute freedom of the 1980s from the Palace, the fantasy of those years, ”explains Constance Maillet.

The series breaks the 4th wall to materialize the digital divide between millennials and boomers with hilarious tutorials where we explain to old Tinder, TikTok, Uber or fake news.

“This generation does not only pass on new technologies but also full of values,” underlines producer Alexandra Crucq.

And this is precisely where

Hashtag Boomer comes into

its own.

"Boomers play down our oppressive world a lot"

“Constance's writing, so precise, changed my outlook on thirty-somethings.

On paper, we laughed like sick people.

In pictures, there is a kind of melancholy that tells how serious this generation is, ”says producer Maïtena Biraben.

“I have an image of the extremely free boomer generation.

They took drugs, partied, lived the extraordinary euphoria of the 1980s. We find ourselves at the same age as them in front of images of global warming, ”said Constance Maillet.

And to conclude: “We do not have the same level of awareness and pressure at all.

It is something that we can envy, but which is very fresh too.

This generation of boomers brings us a breath of fresh air.

They play down our oppressive world a lot.



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