Is the battle for space on?

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With its anti-satellite missile fire, Russia has been accused of endangering the International Space Station (ISS).

© NASA / Roscosmos / Handout via REUTERS

By: Adrien Delgrange

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Last week, on November 15, 2021, Russia pulverized one of its old orbiting satellites with a missile, causing some cold sweats for the 7 astronauts on the International Space Station.


This event took place about 500 km below in our heads.

Beyond the fear and the debris of satellites that roam in space.

What does this missile fire mean?

Why at this moment such a show of force from the Russians?

Do we have the right to play war in space?

Does this portend a new battle?

To discuss it



Xavier Pasco,

director of the Foundation for Strategic Research and specialist in space issues

- Philippe Achilleas

, professor of public law at the University of Paris-Saclay, director of the Institut du Droit, Espace Technologies, director of the Master 2 in the rights of space activities and telecommunications at the University of Paris-Saclay

- Jean-Luc Lefebvre,

specialist in space issues, strategy researcher, former Air Force officer, author of the book 

Spatial Strategy

, (ISTE editions, 2016) and director of the Spatial field of the Encyclopedia Sciences at ISTE editions.


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