Before Christmas, a "Santa's house" made of bread and sweets was completed at a hotel in Nagano City, and children were enjoying it inside.

Every year at hotels in Nagano City, "Santa's House" made from bread and sweets is exhibited in order to boost the mood of visitors from this time, which is a little earlier than Christmas.

"Santa's House" is about 2 meters high and uses about 2000 pieces of French bread and cookies made from wheat produced in the prefecture.

On the 22nd, the children of the nursery school in the city decorated their own Christmas wreaths and snowmen-shaped bread to complete it.

After that, when Santa appeared and presented a cookie, the children sang "Awatenbo no Santa Claus" as a thank-you.

This year, I was trying to get through the inside so that I could enjoy "Santa's house" more, and the children seemed happy saying "I enjoyed having lots of sweets and bread" and "I smelled good". I was talking to.

Kunitoshi Sakahashi, a bakery chef at Hotel Mielparque Nagano, said, "I'm really happy to see the happy faces of the children. I'm exhibiting until the 25th of next month, so I hope you'll come in and enjoy yourself." I was talking.