A demonstration experiment of a system that allows you to receive services by face recognition without presenting a negative certificate of PCR test when arriving at the airport or using tourist facilities has started in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture.

This demonstration experiment was started by Ishigaki City on the 20th with major airlines and electrical equipment manufacturers, and a terminal for face recognition was installed in the arrival lobby of New Ishigaki Airport.

The user registers the image of his / her face and the data of the negative certificate of the PCR test received at the designated laboratory in advance on the dedicated site.

Then, when you hold your face over the terminal and receive authentication, you will be issued a passport unique to the city where you can receive services such as discounts at restaurants in the city.

By using this system, when you arrive at the airport, you can receive your passport from Ishigaki City in no time, and at tourist facilities, you can receive the service only by face recognition.

Yasuyuki Kozama, chief of the Tourism and Culture Division of Ishigaki City, who started the demonstration experiment, said, "There is a merit that people who visit the island can get a safe and secure travel environment stress-free. I want to go. "