Beware .. Signs in the feet and hands warn that you are infected with the "silent killer"

Doctors called to beware of simple symptoms that appear on the fingers and toes, which may be an indication of high cholesterol.

The high level of cholesterol in the blood is called the "silent killer", while Dr. Rahul Agrawal, a consultant cardiologist, explained that there are certain physical symptoms that must be watched, according to the Saudi newspaper Al-Marsad, according to the British Express.

He noted, "The warning sign of high cholesterol can include fingers and toes. This sensation may be a direct result of a buildup of cholesterol that can clog blood vessels in the hands and legs."

Agrawal indicated that the symptoms that appear on the fingers and toes include a tingling sensation, and sometimes the appearance of small bumps under the skin of the fingers as a result of the accumulation of fat, and this happens if the cholesterol is very high.

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