Challenge successfully met for Squeezie.

And surely more than he could imagine.

A week ago, the YouTuber lifted the veil on one of the biggest formats of his channel named

Who will make the best hit of the 2000s?


The title is rather transparent: two teams of three artists had three days to write, compose and perform a song worthy of K-Maro, Larusso and Ozone.

At the end of the allotted time, Maskey, The Motif and S2keyz revealed


while Squeezie, Myd and KronoMuzik formed the group Trei Degete and released the track

Time Time


As in any competition, you need a winner.

This will be decided through the sale of the discs, available for purchase on the Internet or in Lidl stores.

"All profits from the sale of these singles will be donated to Secours populaire," Squeezie said in video.

Nearly ten million views for the clip

Although the sales allow one of the groups to win the contest, the streaming figures give this format another dimension. Only 48 hours after it went online, the song

Time Time

ranked number one in listening on Spotify and Deezer in France. Even more surprisingly, the title managed to climb to fourth place in the standings in Romania. If the information may seem improbable, it can partly be explained by the fact that Squeezie, Myd and KronoMuzik sing in Romanian.

Five days after being posted on YouTube, the clips are also reaching phenomenal scores. The 

Trei Degete's

Time Time

video has been watched over 9.5 million times while the video of


from Ambiance Skandal, their direct competitors, has been viewed over six million times.

The streaming and the number of views of the clips are at the height of the popularity of Squeezie (16.4 million subscribers anyway) as are the sales figures of the singles.

On the Net, the YouTuber has made available a purchase counter.

For the moment,

Time Time

folds the match with 41,500 copies sold against 29,300 for



Will the success of this operation make Squeezie want to try the adventure again and be


in the bins?


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